05 August 2009

cancer sucks

as if you didn't know. i'm not going to go into too much personal detail here, except to say that our family has been affected by the evil nonsense that is cancer.

and our extended family in the bike blogosphere, fat cyclist, also announced today via twitter that at 7:25 pm (utah time), his wife and mother of four, passed away after a LONG battle with cancer. i started crying when i read that because i've been following his story for about 2 years now and unfortunately it does not have a happy ending.

fatty, aka elden, has been selfless enough to share his day-to-day experiences with the world. and the world responded in astoundingly large numbers. many people have reached out to fatty's family and created cycling teams in susan's honor raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for lance armstrong's livestrong foundation. it was amazing how the internet made this community of people all throughout the nation rooting for susan, someone whom they've never met, and the livestrong foundation. so in susan's, and manymanymany other people & their families' honor, we shall all continue to fight to make sure other families will never have to experience cancer.

stay strong fatty. you are an inspiration to us all. the work and outreach you have done has been an incredible feat. you, your children and the rest of your family are in our thoughts and prayers. RIP susan.

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