31 August 2009

scenes from the bike valet fence

1. a really rad three person tandem belonging to a father and his two sons. he designed it and the kids were really adorable. i asked him, "is it going to grow up with everyone?" and he said, "that's the idea." cute!

2. lots of security patrolling around on horse. with horses comes...um, yeah, nice smells. :)

3. a SFPD guy come over and tell us how cool he thought the bike valet service is. that is so cool.

4. a gorgeous sunset through the trees.

5. lots of smiles and thanks.

good times at the park with gorgeous san francisco "summer" weather.

28 August 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: friday night edition

1. a cat climbing out of the front basket over on to the rider's lap, over her shoulders down her back to the panniers, then up on her shoulders again. all in the space of like 5 seconds.

2. while riding to park bikes for outside lands, i saw human hell. ok, that's a bit dramatic, but i saw a group of teens, one of whom yelled in a gentlemanly (kidding) manner, "show me your tits! i'll show you mine," as he raised his shirt to his chin. i usually ignore crapola like that, but the chola in me (who has been dormant for quite some time i might add), just wanted to run over him with my bike and punch him in the mouth for being so disrespectful. what an ass.

3. while riding to park bikes for outside lands, i saw bike heaven. all the lanes taken over by bikes. then i realized i caught up to critical mass. fine with me. it was pretty mellow.

4. while parking bikes i saw someone steal a bike from the self park area. not to be mean, but that's why bike valet is provided. it's a safe and free alternative to parking your bike in the woods of golden gate park. also, please do not use cable locks to lock up an $800 new mountain bike. it took the thief awhile, enough time for some of us to chase after him, but he got it in the end. so sad.

alls i want now is a nice cold beer. it's 80s at night. feels like a nice austin evening in the fall. like a light, yet warm, comfy blanket permanently surrounding you. this is my ideal night out of all the ones i can think of.

oh, and today was the first time i've ever used bug spray while in california. weird. and, again, brought me back to my summers/early falls in austin.

scenes from the bikey lane

just from the past couple of days:

1. a meter maid on bike going slowly, then me passing him, then him catching up to me at a light on 9th street. i was nervous with no discernible reason to be so. he said, "it's a nice day for a ride." i smile at him, almost like i didn't understand what he said, then struck back with, "yes, it is. wasn't so sure it would be this morning," as my skirt flapped about in the wind.

2. aforementioned skirt flapping about in the wind alllll around town. hi everyone! no, nothing scandalous was shown. but must admit i was nervous it would be a couple of times. i'm looking at you intersection at fox plaza.

3. a man on a mountain bike not only running through a stop sign to get past me, but also running over a pigeon's wing at the same time. i saw this very clearly and am still disturbed by it. it was a hit and run. he kept going, while i saw the incident completely. i was pretty disgusted and i said, "REALLY?" very loudly. i looked over at a blonde pedestrian walking next to me. she and i talked about it briefly, then i crossed the street to meet up with my friend. she saw the whole thing too. ew.

4. a few steep blocks of liberty hill. i'm trying to get better at riding hills, so i was like, bring it on!! unfortunately, the last hill on that one street i was trying to cross over did get me in the end. next time my frienemy, next time.

25 August 2009

Cali Girl

Cali Girl
Originally uploaded by busbozo
hung out with ms. busbozo and la meligrosa on friday night. just moments after this pic was taken, i got tire chorro of my own. and it kept on going and going this weekend. finally got it resolved today, after three separate people attempted to get my tire back on the wheel. lame sauce.

upside: i can ride again! wooooo.

22 August 2009

sf smells like dog doo. no really, it does

seriously. last night i was riding around to meet up for ladies night and i couldn't help but be paranoid the whole way there. i kept checking my feet, my shirt, my jeans, my jacket. i couldn't find the dog poop smell that kept following me. and then i was going to be sitting inside, but not being able to find the offensive stain was driving me sort of insane. cause really, how embarassing, right? i kept putting my hands under my nose to smell the soap i had just used to wash my hands.

turns out, i was not the only one to smell it. and the ladies also confirmed that they smelled it too. so weird! and smell, smell go away please. i like being outside and not smelling dog poo everytime i take a breath. thank you.

that is all.

18 August 2009


so the past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. i've been trying to find a new roommate while at the same time applying to jobs and cat sitting. so i've been back and forth and back and forth. meeting new people, posting ads, screening people, etc. and now i've found the two quiet people i've been looking for. i've never lived with dudes before, but honestly, i'm kind of over living with girls. i've been doing that since i was 18, and except for one time with elle, it's been kind of rough, so i think it's time to change it up. as long as they are somewhat clean in the bathroom, i think it'll be fine. less drama, that's for sure.

meanwhile the old roomie is already gone to nyc and left behind her household. seriously a washington state house was stuffed into this apt, and she just left with the cats and what her car could fit. a friend came to pack up her stuff (nice...), and in the process stirred up a whirlwind of cat hair. ugh. i miss the kiddos, but man, that hair is driving me bananas.

so in the past couple of days since i made sure A's cat did not die under my watch in the mission, i've been a hermit up in the LH and i love it. just some downtime before she comes back from nyc to pack up and leave. then i get two new roommates. just enjoying being here, doing my thing, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen (cause my roommate made this a hotel for a couple of weeks for some friends of hers and they didn't clean up after themselves..........), thinking of soundproofing and cleaning out my own room as if i were going to move.

i've also been off the bike for extended periods of time. boo. just been on mainly for transportation back and forth, which has been frequent, but not substantial. i think tomorrow i'll go for a longer ride, clean my head, and enjoy the quiet before the bigger changes happen.

tomorrow is a new day.

new video from plastinlina mosh

yay! they are so silly and so fun. i definitely need to see them the next time around.

17 August 2009

moon v. district 9 v. mad men v. lowriders

the doobster sent me a cool link regarding the two recent science fiction movies the moon v. district 9.

super short attention span recap of the moon: i almost fell asleep in the first 1/3rd of the movie, then it got better and i loved the rest. would recommend, but possibly as a rental.

i had conflicting views of d-9. i didn't like major aspects of it (somewhat spoiler ahead): i didn't like the shaky camera on a big screen nor did i like the gore/violence. it was too much for me. the shaky camera is super nauseating to me on a big screen, so i had to avert my eyes sometimes.

on the flip side: i loved the fact they packed so much social commentary into this movie. the commentary might have been a little unfocused at times, but overall, geez. very good stuff. the boo and i couldn't stop talking about it, then we promised each other we would revisit discussing the movie later this week.

and then mad men returned!! oh my god. don draper has quite possibly the best lines with the best & appropriate delivery of any character i've ever seen on a movie or a tv show. for instance: "i keep going places and ending up somewhere i've already been." jeebus h...just let that one marinate for awhile. another one: "limit your exposure." i wont spoil the quotes/episode for you if you haven't seen it yet. but if you are a fan, please see it. the layers and layers of meaning are just perfect. yet again. i would love to write for a show like that!

this episode was a bit understated, kind of like stepping gently down into a pool. love. it. here's a good recap.

we also made more progress on our car this weekend. we did some more details on the inside. turns out i have a talent at painting & doing decals for really small details. it's called a toothpick, tweezers and a steady hand. we glued the inside together and it looks pretty right on. only had the iphone though, and it didn't get good pics cause the model is just so small. it's so nice, we can't stop looking at it. our baby's coming together.

10 August 2009

crafting lowriders with the boo...aww, yeah

so the boo and i have been doing a project we've both wanted to do since we were about 7-10 years old. i've always been a bit of a tomboy, and i used to go with my dad to craft stores. these craft stores had model cars. i knew my dad liked cars, so we both talked about getting a model and working on it since it involves some crafting things like painting, putting things together and customization.

i never knew why we didn't until now. i believe i expressed my interest in this about 8 or 9. on the model, it says not for under 10. that's probably reason one. 2nd reason is a mere offshoot of reason one. most likey at 8 or 9 i would have been so excited to make one, that i would have rushed through it.

which brings us to my boo. he was also about my age when he expressed an interest in making model cars. only, he got them. his interest included cars, but extended to the tanks and planes too. he entered competitions and was encouraged by his local craft store owner. cute right? so he has experience, but he also ran into the impatience problem that happens when you are a young person.

so the two of us have taken our time making this lowrider. we have saved working on it on sundays for a few reasons, but mainly because we find for the paint to truly dry properly, we have to wait a week. and so it's been about a month, give or take a week, for us to work on our first impala thus far. i'm used to doing crafty things with significant others, but this is our first crafty-ish thing to do together. and his first craft project with a significant other at all, which i like to hear cause we both think it's super fun. we have another model too just waiting for us to start it when we tire of this one. ;)

and i have to say, our little baby is turning out reallly nice. we did a lot of the detailing yesterday, and it is...well, esuper guau. the outside is white, inside white & turquoise, and the bottom is black. there are chrome parts in the engine and trunk, wheels are low, it's up in the front. it looks pretty firme man. maybe we'll start crusin' the pages of lowrider bicycle magazine... :)

now onto watch anthony bourdain hangout in the bar and japanese restaurant across the street. ummhmm. i hear he disses alice waters. cause he's a super contrary contrarian...

05 August 2009

cancer sucks

as if you didn't know. i'm not going to go into too much personal detail here, except to say that our family has been affected by the evil nonsense that is cancer.

and our extended family in the bike blogosphere, fat cyclist, also announced today via twitter that at 7:25 pm (utah time), his wife and mother of four, passed away after a LONG battle with cancer. i started crying when i read that because i've been following his story for about 2 years now and unfortunately it does not have a happy ending.

fatty, aka elden, has been selfless enough to share his day-to-day experiences with the world. and the world responded in astoundingly large numbers. many people have reached out to fatty's family and created cycling teams in susan's honor raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for lance armstrong's livestrong foundation. it was amazing how the internet made this community of people all throughout the nation rooting for susan, someone whom they've never met, and the livestrong foundation. so in susan's, and manymanymany other people & their families' honor, we shall all continue to fight to make sure other families will never have to experience cancer.

stay strong fatty. you are an inspiration to us all. the work and outreach you have done has been an incredible feat. you, your children and the rest of your family are in our thoughts and prayers. RIP susan.

03 August 2009

MIS/IMS: night two

so, i went to the second night of mexican institute of sound in SF at the make out room. ta. ma. coo'. but instead of being all up front dancing & sticking my camera in peeps faces, i thought that others should have the chance to do just that themselves. so i sat way back in a booth with my boo. and we just had a great time people watching, MIS/IMS listening, and (ok, just me) dancing. wow, it was effin' coo'...again. and true to the name of the place, i made out with my boo (hi mom!!) 'cause PDA "is encouraged" at the make out room. go figure.

at the show my boo saw this dude and he got all friend crushy on him. (he's the one in the middle...)

to be honest, i was taken by his esssstyle too. check it out... he had full on marty mcfly style: checkered button down short sleeve, super tight (prob 29s) dickies khakis with full on floodies & high top black chucks. swooooooon. i was not able to take a full on frontal (hi mom!!) pic of his hair and glasses, but he had thick plastic glasses and slicked back hair. a. d. m.

oh, and so the reason the boo got the friend crush on this marty mcfly dood is cause my boo rocks a certain 1950s style himself. he has short military haircut, black plastic glasses, leather boots, black or white plain shirt, and jeans/khakis. and he doesn't deviate much from that. and i like the look a lot. he might as well have a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve and then he could be danny zucko/50s greaser. swooon. so basically my boo was saying (the next day too i might add) that he wished he had the huevos to wear what marty mcfly was wearing. heehee.

so the second MIS/IMS show was sort of short. afterwards we went to our favorite tequila place next door to the make out room that has mariachis and people about a generation older than us (hi mom!!). as usual, i made out with my boo, danced with 70 yr old men & my boo and then we went home where i tried to take "artsy" pics. here's one. it actually came out ok.

so on sunday we balanced out our saturday night with los jarritos, benders, dolores park and each other. i love my boo immensely. te quiero mucho mi amor...

01 August 2009

MIS/IMS: night one

it was great seeing MIS/IMS playing in sf at the yerba buena center for the arts. that homie knows how to put on a dance party...and he's so animated, so much fun to watch!

he's so cute that i want to just pinch his cheeks (on his face).

i kind of have a (big) crush on the bass player. i didn't get a good pic of the drummer in action. oh well. tomorrow is another chance. woooo...

and here i am playing with the blogger video thingy. let's see how it turns out.