09 July 2009

um, wtf ??!?

so in one of my multiple daily reviews of the website stats for this humble bloggy blog, i noticed that a horrible search phrase somehow lead someone to clicking onto this site: "[effin'] ugly chick at gay bar joke." obviously, substitute [effin'] for the real thing.

how ugly and shocking they found their way here with that piece of crap search. oh well, welcome to the internets right?


Adrienne Johnson said...

I am amazed at how often people come to my Flickr site based on Google searches for marital aides. Some of them are quite amazing : D

the calitexican said...

i could make a joke here based on "flickr" and another phrase that rhymes involving said marital aides, buuuut i wont. hi mom!

it's pretty funny though. heehee.