20 July 2009

sunday streets: mission essstyle

inspired by the other meli, this post will be picture heavy. sunday streets was back for the last time this year in the mission district of san francisco.

panda shot on my way to the mission. riding on a mirror of shadows.

danzantes. calaca drum. feathers. "it's a not a sunday streets in the mission without aztec dancers," my boo said.

danzantes from bici's perspective.

punks on lowriders

father daughter team. they were only 1/2 of the family band they said.
she was shredding it up on the accordion. rad. one of my favorite things of the day.

you don't see this too often 'round these parts. lycra uniform showing mexican pride.

parkin' it up in a parking space. beach balls, BBQ, bubbles, beer.

duby and i (& 5 others) rode this 7 person bike from the mission to fisherman's wharf. fun!

nothing like spending a weekend outside to get the DD™ outta one's system! SF should have sunday streets every weekend! no? i'll take it once a month too. baby steps. thank goodness this town has plenty of parks...


c_c_rider said...

wish i would have been there. what kind of songs was the father daughter duo playing? classic conjunto? boleros? polkas?

the calitexican said...

they played a little bit of everything. mainly conjunto, but they threw in some south american songs in there too. it was pretty great.