17 July 2009


so tonight i saw my homegirls (even though they do not know they are) from san antone, girl in a coma perform at bottom of the hill.

the first show i remember seeing at bottom of the hill was sleater kinney back in 2000 or even 1998. i really do think it was the dig me out album. anyway, that show sort of places me at how old i am, right?

so a couple of days ago, outside of the blonde redhead show while i was parking bikes w/ yehuda moon's look-a-like and the other bike valets, we got to chatting about how shows just aren't as important and urgent as they used to be back when we were in our late teens/early 20-somethings.

yah, so back to tonight. the first opening band for girl in a coma was angela chase. yah, i remember when my so called life was actually on tv, before dvds were readily available, and my cousin DLM and i would talk incessantly about that show. he actually still references it when i have something "serious" and "deep" to talk about, like my feelings and stuff. and he'll say, "oh are you talking about real teen issues?" like, um, yeah, i am. and lots of other sentences interspersed with lotsa commas and lotsa eye-rolling and lotsa pregnant pauses.

ok, again, back to tonight. so angela chase. the drummer, bless her heart (to co-opt a southern saying that i never say, but totally mean it and i kind of want to apologize for it, but kind of not), grabbed the mike after their set and said, "for all you elliott smith fans and girl in a coma fans out there, this is for you." that is paraphrased, but not so much cause i'm pretty sure that's what she said verbatim.

anyway. an important aside for anyone who does not know this calitexican personally. to say i'm HUGE elliott smith fan would be putting it mildly.

i totally remember when/where i was when i heard that elliott smith was dead. waaaay before that my friends and i used to drink at the bar that was his local in alphabet city because we were 18 and they didn't card (hi mom! & it was just a coincidence until we figured that out btw...).

i saw him twice at liberty lunch (which no longer exists in ATX--and where he whispered the last time there, softly, that he wanted LL to stay intact because he really liked playing there...) all the way to the knitting factory (nyc) to zona rosa (ATX) to steamboat (ATX) to tower records (by NYU) to town hall (nyc) and back to the knitting factory, to some random bar in the east village (lit lounge) for a secret show then to the bowery ballroom (nyc) and beyond... i'm 10000000% that is not an inclusive list, but you get the idea.

this was a time when going to see live shows was very important to me (see above). however, were he living today, i am sure i would have a similar story.

so, again, back to angela chase's drummer: she proceeded to grab an acoustic guitar and do a singer-songwriter cover of a GIAC song. um, i appreciate the effort, but BLESS her heart. it was...just...kind...of...precious.

and that's all i have to say about that.

the rest of the show was rad. there was a band, miss derringer, from LA that, oh my, the lead singer...she needs her own show or something. sooo cute with her little rockabilly self leading the rest of her band of boys. and of course my tejanas/texicans rocked the house so much i can't hear anything but ringing in my ears. and that brings me right back to my liberty lunch days over 1/2 my life ago. aww, how cute. :)

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