03 July 2009

more san antone lovin'

mama texican sent me this article about girl in a coma from her austin headquarters.

thinking of the 4th and firecrackers and san antonio makes me think of my grandpa. he instilled in me and all the 203985 cousins i have a great love of lighting firecrackers in the barrio. one year he got my cousins, L (who just turned 20...man i feel old), her sister tater d, DLM and yours truly outside when it turned dark. patrol cars were out, but we didn't care. so L was 2 yrs old, still a shaky walker as i recall. tater d and i wanted to light sparklers all along the sidewalk to make it look like a fashion runway. i just remember trying to get it all lit so that L could walk down, sparkler in hand. it didn't quite work, but it was fun to try.

another time we got those kind of firecrackers that you are supposed to put in the ground and they let out a different color up in the air a few seconds after another one. well, this being the breeding ground of the más macho que tu cabrón, i learned that you hold it in your hand and then turn it with your arm outstreched in the air. one of the ones that shot out ended up hitting the street lamp and set it out. i got a lot of pats on the back from my male cousins who were loving every minute of it.

and yet another time my two cousins DLM and RM were into smoke bombs that year. my grandparents had this lil fountain for the birds. the water in there was still, full of leaves and probably a lot of other unmentionable grossness. they thought it would be really funny to set off the smoke bombs in the fountain. GROOOOOSSSSS. it was pretty gnarly and gnasty and other things that "start" with "gn."

and on that note...happy long weekend everyone (in the US)! the boo and i are on our way to mendocino. why? to light firecrackers! can't wait.

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