30 July 2009

MIS/IMS is ready to invade SF

MIS: mexican institute of sound.
IMS: instituto mexicano del sonido.

and i'm ready to see him. finallyfinallyfinally after missing him the last time he was here. he's playing two shows this weekend. one is at an art opening at yerba buena center for the arts, then the next one is at the make out room.

the twitterverse has peeps talking about flying into SF to see him, so i believe the crowd will be diverse...i also see him in sf weekly. he's busting out all over the place.

i love me a good art party, so i'm ready...i'm excited to dance, i'm excited to hear some fun music, i'm excited to see new crowds, i'm excited to see new outfits, new hairstyles, i'm excited to maybe meet new brown peeps, and who knows what else. we'll see.

here's a lil sample of his music taken from his english blog:

and here's a couple of videos of him just being super cute in general.

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