07 July 2009

minding the gender gap, take two

as i predicted, the women over at let's go ride a bike definitely got some comments on their prior blog post "covering the coverage" of the nytimes and other blogs. it even got picked up on a fav must-read-daily blog of mine: streetsblog.

in this 2nd post, they decided to take a real world approach by showing what real women have to say about their reasons for riding or not riding or speculating as such. guess who was quoted? yup, yours truly.

i'm glad this conversation is going on. sometimes it's purely logistical, sometimes it's a self-esteem issue, sometimes it is a gender issue stemming from the engineering of a bike at the top level down to the dude at the bike store. very good stuff here.

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m e l i g r o s a said...

ah yes. mi calitexican all over the interwebz. mi hearts you <3 now, lets go ride soon ;)

the calitexican said...

yes please!!