12 July 2009

lowrider lovin'

so it's yet another gorgeous sunday here in the mission district of sf...and i couldn't be happier.

when the boo and i first met, i told him of my love of all things homies. i believed i blogged about this. my boo has a love of making model cars. so we decided to collaborate and make some lowriders for my homies. we shelved this project for quite some time. last weekend i introduced him to ask a chola. then, we were talked about resuming the homies/lowrider project...and today that's what we set out to do.

we went far far away from our normal stomping grounds and got a '61 impala supersport 409 convertible and a '64 impala supersport. yes, we geeked out. and yes, we're both excited to see how they turn out.

for more inspiration we walked past precita eyes and checked out the shadow box exhibit in the window. even got a few more homies, series 11.

today was a good day. didn't have to use our AKs. ummhmm. and now we're listening to a lowrider compilation called "east LA lowrider soul." just cause we can. life is good.


m e l i g r o s a said...

ah those little cholitos are cute. we need to hit up sanjo some and kick it [link].
the bike friendlyness has gone up and the weather is great in the summer ;)
you ever listen to la onda bajita? fine stuff eh


the calitexican said...

!!! that radio show looks pretty firme. ;) haven't heard of it, but i'll ask the boo. he might know of it. i'll check it out.

kickin' it in san jojo with the life-sized lowrider 60s impalas. word, i'm there.