25 July 2009

life on the wiggle

last night i had to say goodbye to a friend's boyfriend. he's going far away on a jet plane, and i don't think he's ever coming back. very sad. and lady bee, we're here for you! moving on...

he's vegan, so i could eat everything at the potluck. such a rarity! and it was mexican and pretty yummy. after that we put an old chair in the bbq pit to keep warm in the cool misty evening. and then we all had fun hitting the corona bottle piñata late at night. dale, dale, dale...

so who is the first person i see when i step out of my apartment this evening and walk the three bike lengths to the wiggle? yup. aforementioned boyfriend. we both waved a big hai and smile and he pushed his pedals FAST and went away down the wiggle. i could never catch that homie on a bike lane. adios my bike riding amigo!

a block after i saw him, i saw one of the dudes from the 7-person bike ride...which we'll call the UK adam. then 3 blocks after that, i saw the steer-er/"driver" of the 7-person bike.

san francisco felt very small, yet very comfortable in that two minutes out of my apartment. and i couldn't stop smiling thinking of the fresh homemade banana bread i was about to devour.

then i ended up having to choose between pho and indian for dinner, both options that today i wish i didn't have to turn down. "tough" choices i know ;) since you must know, i chose indian and chick flicks (and i normally DESPISE chick flicks with a passssssion) with a chica instead of pho with los bros ess. but tomorrow i believe los bros and i are going to ride around in the misty muck that is SF lately, so there's room for everyone and everything.

and now i will try to sleep, but i make no promises. oh! and happy national tequila day!

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