14 July 2009


can mean best friends forever, or bartering's fucking fun. or it could also mean bicycle film festival. which is what i mean today. :)

so tonight i parked bikes with the SFBC and as an added perk, got to see blonde redhead at a sold out show about 3 blocks from my apartment.

it was pretty rad, i'm a little tired from standing non stop for 5 hours, but i'll take it! there were not too many bikes to park considering we were at the bicycle film festival. there weren't any films tonight (that's for friday and saturday & yes, i'm working on friday), but it's all good. apparently blonde redhead are long time friends of the founder.

also, i parked bikes w/ this dude that looked like yehuda moon. i debated on whether or not i should tell him i thought that. i decided against it, but the similarities were pretty remarkable. :)

seen at the show: two arms in slings. hope they weren't bike related!! i also like how the crank is hidden in the pic above so it looks like the pedals form some weird hat extension. heehee.

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