06 July 2009

back to life...

back to reality.

um, no firecrackers. we didn't see any on the way, then we realized last year we were a county up from mendocino, so whatevs. :) soon! must be soon!

was a great weekend. we had wine in a hot tub when we got there. it felt so decadent. the food was great, the parade was fun. i will post pics after i find my camera to computer connector thingy. it's in this here room somewhere. or maybe at the boo's place. we needed to get his pics from spain on to his computer.

and a BIG oops happened. we accidentally took the DVDs we rented from the place with us. um. yeah. so have to send those back asap. eek! i mean i like tommy boy, fight club and the old fashioned oceans 12, but not THAT much... ;)

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Dottie said...

wine in a hot tub? tres decadent!

the calitexican said...

and it was just ours on our outside deck. :) so nice...