02 July 2009

atx shout out from the yay

thanks to meligrosa over at bikes and the city. thanks so much for including me in yr atx shout out! she got the spider house, where i've had many a girl talk and maybe a pick up or two........, town lake's hike and bike trail where we went jogging for our high school gym class just cause it was across the street, and amy's ice cream....

i have manymanymany good memories from amy's. not from that one on soco, cause its super new to me, but from others, like the one on guadalupe street that is no longer there. my dad and i used to go to that one because it was across the street from where i used to get my haircut. one time we went and the guys behind the counter were in a playful mood. my dad wasn't usually into such things unless he was a part of the joke, so he was very suspicious of them when they were like, "hold on sir, we'll be right back." they then both run outside with my mexican vanilla with chopped strawberries. one of them stopped at the light on our side of the street, the other ran across the street with the plastic bowl. the one on our side of the street then proceeded to fling my vanilla/strawberry mix across the street from those metal ice cream chopper thingys. the other dude caught it in the bowl. looked like they had done it before too. then they both ran back inside and behind the counter all huffing and puffing. everyone in the place erupted into laughter and applause. even my dad, el mas serio of the serious. how could you not? that was certainly a memorable time at amys.


we have a lot of shows/choes to catch soon mujer. lessss do it! i haven't been to a show in ages. :)

ps: sorry mitchells, amy's will beat you any day of the week and twice on sundays. ummhmm, thasss right, i said it.

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