23 June 2009

you are not alone....

damn, as i sit here in my "office" (aka the desk in my bedroom), i am listening NPR as i tend to do whether in an actual office environment or not. um, the topic today on talk of the nation is unemployment. FUN. maybe i should listen to music, or listen to the stories of people like me who are overeducated and under/unemployed. sigh.

and the quest to find jobs continues on. but...i am not alone. i feel some weird comfort in that. so far the statistic they said that stands out was for ever job opening, 5 people are unemployed. for some new hotel opening in D.C. had 300 positions, 1000 applicants. A friend told me her girlfriend works as a staff person in an law office who had an admin position open. 500 attorneys applied for that position. wow. incredible.

moving on. focusing on the present. and turning off the damn radio until 12:30. no need to dwell, right? must focus.


Adrienne Johnson said...

Right there with you, babe. There is a health care shortage in the US, but good luck getting a job with my license! At least there is blogging!

the calitexican said...

blogging and biking ;-) they will always be there!