15 June 2009


since my adventure with the sleeping pill last night didn't quite work out the way i hoped, it currently feels like 29082509 o'clock.

spent all day and night working on the video, and it's still not even in a first draft phase. i had to put a stop to it about 45 min ago, so i could calm down and try to get into sleep mode. not to mention that i was confusing T. (so sorry!!)

but tomorrow is another day right? and time to editeditedit away!

and in an insomniac's mind, tonight is another day as well. i just wanna drift away. and stay asleep. i don't remember the last time i slept through the night completely. i usually wake up at one point or another. grrr....

UPDATE: only woke up once. not bad. not as groggy today. let's see how the rest of the day goes.

sweet dreams everyone. and may you not remember a single one, unless you want to of course.

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