20 June 2009

Se me olvidó otra vez

Oh lord...haven't we all felt this way and hearing her version for the
first time made me cry it was so touching....

UPDATE: um, i was trying to send a sound bite that i recorded on the 3.0 update for the iphone of great performance i heard tonight...like i said, it made me cry the first time i heard it cause it was just so beautiful. in its place until i find how to post the sound without paying for a server, here's the song's lyrics en español con la traducion.

UPDATE 2: looks like i could only get 1 min and 3 seconds of it online so far...woohoo! i'll figure out how to use this memo thing soon w/o deleting all my songs on the iphone. just you wait. until then...please see below.

[translations from this site & this site cause the first site wasn't quite right w/ the spangnol, knowhahmsayin':]

Probablemente ya
De mí te has olvidado
Y mientras tanto yo
Te seguiré esperando

Probably, by now
You've forgotten about me
And nevertheless, I
Will continue to wait for you


No me querido ir
Para ver si algún día
Que tú quieras volver
Me encuentres todavía

I haven't wanted to leave
To see if (just in case) one day
You might want to return
You'll still find me


Por eso aún estoy
En el lugar de siempre
En la misma ciudad
Y con la misma gente

That's why even now I stay
In the same place (as always)
In the same city
And with the same people


Para que tú al volver
No encuentres nada extraño
Y sea como ayer
Y nunca más dejarnos

(It's) so that you, on returning
Don't find anything strange
And it can be like yesterday
And you won't leave again


Probablemente estoy
Pidiendo demasiado
Se me olvidaba que
Ya habíamos terminado

I am probably
Asking for too much
I was forgetting again that
We had already finished


Que nunca volverás
Que nunca me quisiste
Se me olvidó otra vez
Que solo yo te quise

That you won't ever return
That you never cared for me
I forgot again
That only I loved you

and here are some kick ass sounding rancheras singing the same song mariachi estyle...i could do without her commentary in the beginning though. shhhh, and just sing, ok?

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