30 June 2009

san antone grrrlz

more chica talk!

my mom asked me earlier today if i had heard of girl in a coma. yes, and i love that she knows of them independently of me. :)

here is our convo:
4:01 PM mama texican: girls in a coma from s.a. http://www.myspace.com/girlsinacoma

5 minutes
4:07 PM me: yeah, they are essuper cooooool
mama texican:have you heard about them?
me: i know that paul saucido likes them
i don't have their stuff tho
mama texican: hmm
they play austin sometimes
4:08 PM me: yeah
4:09 PM they are like the kind of band i would have loved to have been in when i was younger
mama texican: like a fantasy band but different
4:11 PM me: yeah
cause they exist! and i'm so happy for them :)

so as per our convo, here's a video. enjoy:


m e l i g r o s a said...

ok, so the email iwas 'gonna' send you, your unfolding it a post at a time. they play at bottom of the hills in a couple of weeks. im in love with them. we in or wat?!

the calitexican said...

i heart those texican chicas too. i'm soooo in. :)