24 June 2009

¿otra vez?

are you kidding me talk of the nation? i get home from taking a long walk and i return to hear them talking about unemployment. again. yeah, thanks but no thanks.

so instead i'm listening to plastilina mosh (again...) and the nortec collective's tijuana sound machine. setting old skool banda beats to electronic ones? it's an effin' great mix of sounds to my ears. even my godfather has to have something positive to say about that...ok, maybe not.

and tomorrow i'm gonna be filiming the performances for the benefit for borderOut at el rio. that should be fun. SF gay pride weekend is in full effect already people. maybe i'll film some stuff at the dyke march too. or maybe i'll just hang out with my peeps and watch the happenings, cause it's like watching a telenovela en vivo.

back to focusing.


m e l i g r o s a said...

IMS is coming to yerbabuena pretty soon. will send you an email later. should be a rad show. &tijuana makes me happy. bangbang.

liking all the beats posts lately <3

the calitexican said...

thanks! it's so refreshing finding new music and sharing cause i'm excited about what i found.

and i just read a couple of days ago that the nortec collective won best dance/electro album for the premio indie-o awards. whatever that is. damn right!

yeah, lesss go!