02 June 2009


So I've come to the conclusion that I am left footed. When I first learned how to snowboard/skate, I realized I was goofy footed. This means I'm most comfy with my right foot in front while the left is in the back. This apparently is not how most people do such things. The opposite of which seems so backwards to me, but there you go. Pushing with the left and guiding with the right seems how a right handed person should conduct such business, right?


So I have seen in riding my bike all around, I noticed people stop & lean to the right and rest their right foot upon the right curb while waiting for the light. Try as I might, that is just simply the anthesis of comfort for me. In some places in our fair biking city (which is about to be even better for biking, but I digress...) the bike lane is on the left, thus the curb is as well. Well my friends, that is heaven for me! Put my left foot down, push off, and voilà! But if I put the right one down and try to push...ay dios mio...no thanks doood!

I believe the ideal for me would be to be able to be comfortable doing either at a moment's notice. Don't get me wrong, I can push off with the right, but it is so unnatural to me that it is just downright uncomfortable, so I rarely do so.

Anyway, just thoughts from the bike lane while my wireless is down at my apartment. Lame, huh?

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