24 June 2009

jovenes y sexys

so in listening to the rudo y cursi soundtrack as background music today, one song really caught my attention right away. this usually doesn't happen when i first listen to an album. my methodology is for me to listen to it as background music a few times, then the songs start to speak to me, finally i listen to the songs i like the best overandoverandoverandover again. kinda like i've been doing with pilar diaz's album since it came out (i listen to a few songs of it nearly every day. yes, it's true). anywaaaaysss...

but then i heard amor platonico from jovenes y sexys and i fell in friend crush mode right away. then i looked them up online and found this video. it has many qualities i adore: stop animation, etheral voices with lofi sounds, color saturation and afros.

Jóvenes y Sexys - El Reloj from Ezequiel Bertho on Vimeo.

here's just a listen of the song that started all this searching.

and what do you know? you can download their EP for free? & a breeders cover?! how great is that?

i love discovering music that is new to me. it used to be more of a priority of mine until a few years ago when i got super busy for such things. after being inspired by last week's performances, i decided i'm going to pick up an old video piece i've been meaning to do for about a year and a half, dust it off and breathe some life into it. i've also been writing a lot of haikus in my head from things i see out of my window or riding/walking around this infinitely photographic and artistic city. it pulses with a different energy from my beloved new york, but i find i am continually amazed by it when i let myself be. hmm, sounds familiar in other aspects of my life.

and now i'm off to listen to my jewel of a find.


Loocila said...

Hey, thank you!, mi band mate Cheky show me this post and I'm really happy reading it!. Really really. Thank you verymuch.

Is nice that you write haikus! I do it too :)..

Loocila (the girl who sings there!).

the calitexican said...

no problem!! i am happy to share what i've discovered with the people that read my blog. you guys are fantastic and i wish you both well as you continue your projects :) best of luck!