29 June 2009

halfway home

so you know how i've been sharing new-to-me music with you guys? i did so with the boo this weekend too. he doesn't read the blog (that i know of), so when i inundated him with all this new stuff, it kinda blew his mind.

lemme back up and esplain.

my boo is a lil' older than me. he used to be a DJ back in the day and has quite an extensive collection of records (remember those?) ranging from 60s latin soul to 80s punk rawk to i don't even know what because the list goes on and on and on.

he's still into music and picking apart beats, but he doesn't go out of his way to find out new music. if he hears it on the radio or in a bar or something, then he'll research it and download it, and that's about the extent of it.

music was one of the first things we bonded over way back when we were acquaintances. you don't find too many brown people who both went to hardcore/punk/skinhead shows when they were in high school. much less a few years and about 2000 miles apart. so yeah, we got to talking about music and then we talked for quite a long time about it. like for a year and a half and counting.

this weekend we rented a zipcar and went for one of our legendary sunday rides. we rode all around with no real destination in mind, but with the collective goal of seeing some green grass, tall trees and mountains. i had my iphone with me, so he asked me to play some music. i was more than happy to oblige. we got "lost" and just listened to the music and talked. i was surprised my phone didn't wear out.

my first playlist included a lot of the rudo y cursi soundtrack and plastilina mosh i mentioned recently. i regrettably failed to transfer my beloved tijuana sound machine album to my phone, but as soon as i got hooked up to my computer i remedied that. next time he'll be able to hear it. he was excited to hear it since he used to mix old and new beats himself.

i kept blabbing about mexican institute of sound while the playlist did its thang, and turns out he got into them too. then we started talking about brown hipsters, and he thinks they might be in fremont or hayward. i don't know enough about the bay area to say where they are, but not enough are in SF, and i've talked about that plenty already.

the boo's musical taste is really broad, and sometimes i forget this. and because he's also known as el macho, i was really pleasantly surprised that he liked my new lofi jewel of a find, jovenes y sexys. he said it sounded really smooth. i'm not quite sure what he meant by that, but he wanted to hear more. he really liked the breeders cover too. i guess sometimes you just want it to be all soft and stuff between your ears.

then i tired of this playlist and made a new one of stuff like X, INXS, YYY, (um, trying to think of other acroynms...), G'NR, the kinks, more plastilina cause pervert pop song rocks our collective socks off, michael jackson, elvis costello, pilar diaz, modest mouse, sleater kinney, M.I.A., los abandoned, orishas, the octopus project, panjabi MC, joan jett, rihanna, peter bjorn & john, mgmt, pixies, handsome boy modeling school, heatmiser, notorious big, calexico, cafe tacuba, aterciopelados, los super elegantes, liz phair, built to spill, cheap trick, mana, cat power, amy winehouse & finallyfinallyfinally TV on the radio.

i told him that TV on the radio was just getting a good name for itself and frequently played in the neighborhood over from ours in brooklyn when i was applying for school and stuff. turns out he loved the song i played for him, and wanted to hear more. i told them that they came to SF, but i didn't go. he got all like, when?! crazy, i never really expected him to like them, but i'm glad to be wrong!

then he asked me the question i often ask myself: how do you find this stuff since i don't listen to the radio for music, pretty much just listen to NPR.

my answer? simple: the internet or going home to waterloo.

contained in this post: two of my top 15 songs of all time. where is my mind by the pixies (top 10) and wolf like me by tv on the radio (top 15).

fave new song: pervert pop song by plastilina mosh


m e l i g r o s a said...

haaa dood. waterloo. that place is epic!

the calitexican said...

i know! it's always a must do when i go back. i always find good stuff waiting for me on the back wall there.

kinda a rad place to grow up if i do say so myself.