09 June 2009

The end or is it the beginning?

These past couple of weeks have been pretty trying mentally for this calitexican. Sigh. Chalk it up to boo problems. Anyway, this is how I spent my weekend:

On thursday I got a flat on bici, and I was scheduled for a bike ride with the ess bros on Sunday. I was so far away from home (in a few senses of the word I might add) I left the bike there and went to a friend's house.

So this means I had to collect bici on Friday and walk her all the way home. Not a short feat, but not unheard of at all. So I go and get her, she's still there, it's all good.

Went to my LBS Saturday morning, aka the ess bros living room. They had quite a time just getting the tire off. Then the elder ess patched the tube, tire went back on, it's all good, we're ready for brews and the beach.

As soon as I get on bici, tire goes flat. Talk about metaphor of my life for the past 10 days. Ugh. So we put on the front wheel from the lemond, and off the frankenmixte and the rest of us go.

We did the brews, put them in the bici basket. Hmm, she prob need a name too...anyway, the wind was way strong inthe beginning of the park. If you know SF at all, you know the beach is kinda brutal on a good day. Wind this far in the city equals sand in eyes and all over bikes if we go to the beach. So we decided to stop before the bridge the and sit on some logs in the shade. Younger sim brought the tunes, and drank my troubles away we did.

We took a burrito break, rode to clement, walked around a bit, then rode back. Then hung out some more & went home.

Today was Sunday streets in the mission. It was a little hard to be in the mission today, but I sucked it up and off we went.

photo by busbozo

Sunday streets was GREAT. this is the way communities should always be. they should be free of cars and able to walk and ride the streets as if they were parks. i don't think i've smiled as much as on that day. lots of families, bikes, people, dancing, music. i didn't realize how much i loved it until it was over and we had to ride with trafficky cars again. i realized that cars really do cause me anxiety, and i absolutely hate having to share the road with them. it was a huge sense of relief not being around them, even if the streets were so crowded with people and inexperienced people on bikes. you just get off, ride around them, whatever. but with cars, i noticed i tensed up and i actually shouted, "booo!" we need bike boulevards here in sf like there are in berkeley. those streets are big, and have many obstacles that make it annoying for cars, but not for pedestrians and bikers, so those streets are pretty car free. sigh.

much love people. keep that chin up everyone.

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