30 June 2009

san antone grrrlz

more chica talk!

my mom asked me earlier today if i had heard of girl in a coma. yes, and i love that she knows of them independently of me. :)

here is our convo:
4:01 PM mama texican: girls in a coma from s.a. http://www.myspace.com/girlsinacoma

5 minutes
4:07 PM me: yeah, they are essuper cooooool
mama texican:have you heard about them?
me: i know that paul saucido likes them
i don't have their stuff tho
mama texican: hmm
they play austin sometimes
4:08 PM me: yeah
4:09 PM they are like the kind of band i would have loved to have been in when i was younger
mama texican: like a fantasy band but different
4:11 PM me: yeah
cause they exist! and i'm so happy for them :)

so as per our convo, here's a video. enjoy:

covering the coverage: bikes and US female urban cyclists

"I think [the bicycle] has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world," feminist pioneer Susan B. Anthony said in 1896. "It gives a woman a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. The moment she takes her seat she knows she can't get into harm unless she gets off her bicycle, and away she goes, the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood."

um, right on sister.

the rad chicas over at let's go ride a bike have an awesome post critiquing coverage (in general) of female urban cyclists. i love "coverage of the coverage," so let the convo begin! i suspect there will be a lot of comments re the post. as there should be.

and while i'm at it, shame on you treehugger. i really really hope this post was supposed to be tongue in cheek, cause i just thought it was pretty sexist.

29 June 2009

halfway home

so you know how i've been sharing new-to-me music with you guys? i did so with the boo this weekend too. he doesn't read the blog (that i know of), so when i inundated him with all this new stuff, it kinda blew his mind.

lemme back up and esplain.

my boo is a lil' older than me. he used to be a DJ back in the day and has quite an extensive collection of records (remember those?) ranging from 60s latin soul to 80s punk rawk to i don't even know what because the list goes on and on and on.

he's still into music and picking apart beats, but he doesn't go out of his way to find out new music. if he hears it on the radio or in a bar or something, then he'll research it and download it, and that's about the extent of it.

music was one of the first things we bonded over way back when we were acquaintances. you don't find too many brown people who both went to hardcore/punk/skinhead shows when they were in high school. much less a few years and about 2000 miles apart. so yeah, we got to talking about music and then we talked for quite a long time about it. like for a year and a half and counting.

this weekend we rented a zipcar and went for one of our legendary sunday rides. we rode all around with no real destination in mind, but with the collective goal of seeing some green grass, tall trees and mountains. i had my iphone with me, so he asked me to play some music. i was more than happy to oblige. we got "lost" and just listened to the music and talked. i was surprised my phone didn't wear out.

my first playlist included a lot of the rudo y cursi soundtrack and plastilina mosh i mentioned recently. i regrettably failed to transfer my beloved tijuana sound machine album to my phone, but as soon as i got hooked up to my computer i remedied that. next time he'll be able to hear it. he was excited to hear it since he used to mix old and new beats himself.

i kept blabbing about mexican institute of sound while the playlist did its thang, and turns out he got into them too. then we started talking about brown hipsters, and he thinks they might be in fremont or hayward. i don't know enough about the bay area to say where they are, but not enough are in SF, and i've talked about that plenty already.

the boo's musical taste is really broad, and sometimes i forget this. and because he's also known as el macho, i was really pleasantly surprised that he liked my new lofi jewel of a find, jovenes y sexys. he said it sounded really smooth. i'm not quite sure what he meant by that, but he wanted to hear more. he really liked the breeders cover too. i guess sometimes you just want it to be all soft and stuff between your ears.

then i tired of this playlist and made a new one of stuff like X, INXS, YYY, (um, trying to think of other acroynms...), G'NR, the kinks, more plastilina cause pervert pop song rocks our collective socks off, michael jackson, elvis costello, pilar diaz, modest mouse, sleater kinney, M.I.A., los abandoned, orishas, the octopus project, panjabi MC, joan jett, rihanna, peter bjorn & john, mgmt, pixies, handsome boy modeling school, heatmiser, notorious big, calexico, cafe tacuba, aterciopelados, los super elegantes, liz phair, built to spill, cheap trick, mana, cat power, amy winehouse & finallyfinallyfinally TV on the radio.

i told him that TV on the radio was just getting a good name for itself and frequently played in the neighborhood over from ours in brooklyn when i was applying for school and stuff. turns out he loved the song i played for him, and wanted to hear more. i told them that they came to SF, but i didn't go. he got all like, when?! crazy, i never really expected him to like them, but i'm glad to be wrong!

then he asked me the question i often ask myself: how do you find this stuff since i don't listen to the radio for music, pretty much just listen to NPR.

my answer? simple: the internet or going home to waterloo.

contained in this post: two of my top 15 songs of all time. where is my mind by the pixies (top 10) and wolf like me by tv on the radio (top 15).

fave new song: pervert pop song by plastilina mosh

26 June 2009

billie jean is not my lover

i had a good friend in nyc que se llama jeanne. her dad was bill. she told once told me billie jean was their song. obviously not for the lyrics, but for the name. que cute.

in elementary school there was this dude that came to school with one glove and a red leather vest from the thriller looking days. when he wore it you could tell he thought he was bad ass. too bad everyone was making fun of him. welcome to 3rd grade dude.

25 June 2009

RIP farrah and michael jackson

the world just got a little bit dimmer today. rest in peace you two. i'll write a bit more when i'm not frantically checking the internet for information.

i greatly respected MJ for his music from jackson 5 days to his bad days in the 90s. that's a good 30ish years of solid musicianship and performance artistry.

i can't even believe i'm writing these words. i think it's time for a bike ride and being around people.

juanna rumbel?

i lovelovelove roller derby names. and this one belongs to a latina mother of two. she looks rad. rock on and stay strong mujer.

what did jersey do?

my buddy tuna posted this video on his facebook. thought i would share it here. it's about people coming to the defense of day laborers in linden, new jersey. love the accents, but more importantly, love the attitudes the customers showed the racist employee (who was an actor).

r.i.p. seeqpod

was going over what are some of the posts people seem to visit when they came here and i discovered seeqpod is gone. sigh. i have more than a few embeds from seeqpod on here. they will be missed.

in the meantime, i'm researching embedded mp3 players online. i'm too tired to think about making the flash player right now, so i'm going to bed. goodnight.


24 June 2009

jovenes y sexys

so in listening to the rudo y cursi soundtrack as background music today, one song really caught my attention right away. this usually doesn't happen when i first listen to an album. my methodology is for me to listen to it as background music a few times, then the songs start to speak to me, finally i listen to the songs i like the best overandoverandoverandover again. kinda like i've been doing with pilar diaz's album since it came out (i listen to a few songs of it nearly every day. yes, it's true). anywaaaaysss...

but then i heard amor platonico from jovenes y sexys and i fell in friend crush mode right away. then i looked them up online and found this video. it has many qualities i adore: stop animation, etheral voices with lofi sounds, color saturation and afros.

Jóvenes y Sexys - El Reloj from Ezequiel Bertho on Vimeo.

here's just a listen of the song that started all this searching.

and what do you know? you can download their EP for free? & a breeders cover?! how great is that?

i love discovering music that is new to me. it used to be more of a priority of mine until a few years ago when i got super busy for such things. after being inspired by last week's performances, i decided i'm going to pick up an old video piece i've been meaning to do for about a year and a half, dust it off and breathe some life into it. i've also been writing a lot of haikus in my head from things i see out of my window or riding/walking around this infinitely photographic and artistic city. it pulses with a different energy from my beloved new york, but i find i am continually amazed by it when i let myself be. hmm, sounds familiar in other aspects of my life.

and now i'm off to listen to my jewel of a find.

¿otra vez?

are you kidding me talk of the nation? i get home from taking a long walk and i return to hear them talking about unemployment. again. yeah, thanks but no thanks.

so instead i'm listening to plastilina mosh (again...) and the nortec collective's tijuana sound machine. setting old skool banda beats to electronic ones? it's an effin' great mix of sounds to my ears. even my godfather has to have something positive to say about that...ok, maybe not.

and tomorrow i'm gonna be filiming the performances for the benefit for borderOut at el rio. that should be fun. SF gay pride weekend is in full effect already people. maybe i'll film some stuff at the dyke march too. or maybe i'll just hang out with my peeps and watch the happenings, cause it's like watching a telenovela en vivo.

back to focusing.

23 June 2009

you are not alone....

damn, as i sit here in my "office" (aka the desk in my bedroom), i am listening NPR as i tend to do whether in an actual office environment or not. um, the topic today on talk of the nation is unemployment. FUN. maybe i should listen to music, or listen to the stories of people like me who are overeducated and under/unemployed. sigh.

and the quest to find jobs continues on. but...i am not alone. i feel some weird comfort in that. so far the statistic they said that stands out was for ever job opening, 5 people are unemployed. for some new hotel opening in D.C. had 300 positions, 1000 applicants. A friend told me her girlfriend works as a staff person in an law office who had an admin position open. 500 attorneys applied for that position. wow. incredible.

moving on. focusing on the present. and turning off the damn radio until 12:30. no need to dwell, right? must focus.

22 June 2009

eek! (in a good way)

got a call from ms. maria machetes today. looks like we have a meeting on thursday to discuss the performance showing in nyc and el-lay. dooods, how exciting. looks like something might actually happen with that! i wait with breathless anticipation...

20 June 2009

toll free

dooooods, i got this album the other day and toll free is the first track. let's just say i'm sure we all have felt this way, and i have recently had some personal experience with this type of relationship. even if we are supposedly both adults. so i'm posting it here for you all to see. and i can't get the damn song out of my head, so maybe listening to it againagainandagain it'll get out. particularly the first few lines of the song:

hey, what's up? it's me. i want to know why you were so mean to me.
hey, don't lie. can you see that i can notice when you are ignoring me.

i also really am liking this song just cause it's fun:

oh yeah...

um, last night i was talking to maria machetes, one of the collaborators of the video. and she said that she has been invited to play, with the video, in LA & NYC. um...what?!?!? how fucking cool is that? must improve video if that is the case...

random thought of the day

is that i haven't seen those hipster fanny packs lately while riding around lately. perhaps the basket has replaced it? either way, whenever i head to the park/s today, i'll be on the lookout.

too bad the boo borrowed my camera for his viaje a españa and lost my damn battery charger. this must be rectified tout de suite. thank goodness for the iphone. today should be fun. if only i wasn't operating on 4 hours of sleep...

Se me olvidó otra vez

Oh lord...haven't we all felt this way and hearing her version for the
first time made me cry it was so touching....

UPDATE: um, i was trying to send a sound bite that i recorded on the 3.0 update for the iphone of great performance i heard tonight...like i said, it made me cry the first time i heard it cause it was just so beautiful. in its place until i find how to post the sound without paying for a server, here's the song's lyrics en español con la traducion.

UPDATE 2: looks like i could only get 1 min and 3 seconds of it online so far...woohoo! i'll figure out how to use this memo thing soon w/o deleting all my songs on the iphone. just you wait. until then...please see below.

[translations from this site & this site cause the first site wasn't quite right w/ the spangnol, knowhahmsayin':]

Probablemente ya
De mí te has olvidado
Y mientras tanto yo
Te seguiré esperando

Probably, by now
You've forgotten about me
And nevertheless, I
Will continue to wait for you


No me querido ir
Para ver si algún día
Que tú quieras volver
Me encuentres todavía

I haven't wanted to leave
To see if (just in case) one day
You might want to return
You'll still find me


Por eso aún estoy
En el lugar de siempre
En la misma ciudad
Y con la misma gente

That's why even now I stay
In the same place (as always)
In the same city
And with the same people


Para que tú al volver
No encuentres nada extraño
Y sea como ayer
Y nunca más dejarnos

(It's) so that you, on returning
Don't find anything strange
And it can be like yesterday
And you won't leave again


Probablemente estoy
Pidiendo demasiado
Se me olvidaba que
Ya habíamos terminado

I am probably
Asking for too much
I was forgetting again that
We had already finished


Que nunca volverás
Que nunca me quisiste
Se me olvidó otra vez
Que solo yo te quise

That you won't ever return
That you never cared for me
I forgot again
That only I loved you

and here are some kick ass sounding rancheras singing the same song mariachi estyle...i could do without her commentary in the beginning though. shhhh, and just sing, ok?

19 June 2009


so, i had the first performance yesterday. the video wasn't perfect, but you know what, i don't care. i've been hard on myself for quite some time in my life, and live performance is something i'm not used to since i'm more a behind the scenes person. so you know, things mess up, things aren't perfect and life GOES ON. the end.

so yeah, i'm glad to have been associated with this vastly creative group of people in a myriad of media. i hope to continue some sort of connection with them. the stress has been kind of worth it in its release.

talked to the boo. things seem back on track...

this weekend is the bike music festival. it sounds great! bands playing on bike powered sound, bike powered smoothies, bike powered masses moving from golden gate park to dolores park to the pier? sounds great and where do i sign up?

saw the toona and lady bee yesterday after the show. man... i've missed them. lots o' laughs and mexican shit talkin'. but i told lady bee and her new roomie, kitty, about the bike music fest and they are both in. i talked to kitty more than a lil' bit about bikes yesterday. she seems like a right on chica.

life is going on. if you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it. or so to paraphrase the great philosopher ferris bueller.

17 June 2009

los mandados

i've been asked to help collaborate for a video for a queer immigrant art collective that is showing this thursday and friday. this has been taking most of my time these days, interfering with other things, but divas son las divas, y ya. anyway, we shot video of the may day march/rally forever ago, and of course my collaborator was busy until this sunday, which is how life goes. i'm suuuuper nervous about this video as i don't feel it's all it could be, but given the time frame and the equipment available, i feel it's good enough.

so we shot all this video, in the rain...and the idea that it is going to go against the lyrics of this song. the song is interpreted by this ranchera, maria machetes, and her voice is amazing. she's a tiny lil' thing with tons of energy and i would never imagine this VOICE was contained in her teeny body. but it is, and our other collaborator provided the english translation along with a lot of direction. maria's interpretation is so amazing, the tempo is way slowed down which i think really conveys the gravity the lyrics hold:

Crucé el Río Grande nadando
Sin importarme dos reales
Me echó la Migra pa' fuera
Y fuí a caer a Nogales
Entré por otra frontera
Y que me avientan pa' Juárez.

De ahí me fui a Tamaulipas
Y me colé por Laredo
Me disfracé de gabacho
Y me pinté el pelo guero
Y como no hablaba inglés
Que me retachan de nuevo.

La migra a mí me agarró
Trescientas veces digamos
Pero jamás me domó
A mí me hizo los mandados
Los golpes que a mí me dió
Se los cobré a sus paisanos.

Por Mexicali yo entré
Y salí en Río colorado
Todas las líneas crucé
De contrabando y mojado
Pero jamás me rajé
Iba y venía al otro lado.

Conozco todas las líneas
Caminos, ríos y canales
Desde Tijuana a Reynosa
De Matamoros a Juárez
De Piedras Negras al Paso
Y de Agua Prieta a Nogales.

La migra a mí me agarró
Trescientas veces digamos....

english translation by T. Santana:
I crossed the Rio Grande swimming
Without it mattering 2 cents
The migra threw me back out
And I landed at Nogales
I entered through another border
And they threw me back to Juarez

From there I went to Tamaulipas
And I slipped through at Laredo
I dressed up as a Gringo
And I dyed my hair blonde
But since I didn’t speak English
They sent me back again

The migra caught me
300 times let’s say
But they never tamed me
In fact, they ran errands for me
The blows that they gave me
I gave back by marching [changed from the original for this piece]

Through Mexicali I entered
And I came out at Rio Colorado
I crossed through all of the borders
As contraband and as wetback
But I never cowered
I came and went to the other side

I know all of the border crossings
Paths, rivers and canals
From Tijuana to Reynosa
From Matamoros to Juarez
From Piedras Negras to El Paso
And from Agua Prieta to Nogales

The migra caught me
300 times let’s say
But they never tamed me
In fact, they ran errands for me
The blows that they gave me
I gave back by marching

so here goes...eek...in 24 hours it will be done.

and i will also be talking to the boo tonight. so we'll see.

15 June 2009


since my adventure with the sleeping pill last night didn't quite work out the way i hoped, it currently feels like 29082509 o'clock.

spent all day and night working on the video, and it's still not even in a first draft phase. i had to put a stop to it about 45 min ago, so i could calm down and try to get into sleep mode. not to mention that i was confusing T. (so sorry!!)

but tomorrow is another day right? and time to editeditedit away!

and in an insomniac's mind, tonight is another day as well. i just wanna drift away. and stay asleep. i don't remember the last time i slept through the night completely. i usually wake up at one point or another. grrr....

UPDATE: only woke up once. not bad. not as groggy today. let's see how the rest of the day goes.

sweet dreams everyone. and may you not remember a single one, unless you want to of course.

14 June 2009


hey guys...

am busy being sick and broken hearted and an insomniac and working on an art piece which should take my mind off of the rest of the above? anyway, if you are around, please check out the event going on this week...

p.s. i HATE being an insomniac cause it disrupts the rest of my life. its time to sleep please.

UPDATE: took a sleeping pill, something i despise doing, but is sometimes necessary. usually those things knock me out. nope, not this one. kept waking up thinking about things. ugh. now i just feel groggy....

09 June 2009

The end or is it the beginning?

These past couple of weeks have been pretty trying mentally for this calitexican. Sigh. Chalk it up to boo problems. Anyway, this is how I spent my weekend:

On thursday I got a flat on bici, and I was scheduled for a bike ride with the ess bros on Sunday. I was so far away from home (in a few senses of the word I might add) I left the bike there and went to a friend's house.

So this means I had to collect bici on Friday and walk her all the way home. Not a short feat, but not unheard of at all. So I go and get her, she's still there, it's all good.

Went to my LBS Saturday morning, aka the ess bros living room. They had quite a time just getting the tire off. Then the elder ess patched the tube, tire went back on, it's all good, we're ready for brews and the beach.

As soon as I get on bici, tire goes flat. Talk about metaphor of my life for the past 10 days. Ugh. So we put on the front wheel from the lemond, and off the frankenmixte and the rest of us go.

We did the brews, put them in the bici basket. Hmm, she prob need a name too...anyway, the wind was way strong inthe beginning of the park. If you know SF at all, you know the beach is kinda brutal on a good day. Wind this far in the city equals sand in eyes and all over bikes if we go to the beach. So we decided to stop before the bridge the and sit on some logs in the shade. Younger sim brought the tunes, and drank my troubles away we did.

We took a burrito break, rode to clement, walked around a bit, then rode back. Then hung out some more & went home.

Today was Sunday streets in the mission. It was a little hard to be in the mission today, but I sucked it up and off we went.

photo by busbozo

Sunday streets was GREAT. this is the way communities should always be. they should be free of cars and able to walk and ride the streets as if they were parks. i don't think i've smiled as much as on that day. lots of families, bikes, people, dancing, music. i didn't realize how much i loved it until it was over and we had to ride with trafficky cars again. i realized that cars really do cause me anxiety, and i absolutely hate having to share the road with them. it was a huge sense of relief not being around them, even if the streets were so crowded with people and inexperienced people on bikes. you just get off, ride around them, whatever. but with cars, i noticed i tensed up and i actually shouted, "booo!" we need bike boulevards here in sf like there are in berkeley. those streets are big, and have many obstacles that make it annoying for cars, but not for pedestrians and bikers, so those streets are pretty car free. sigh.

much love people. keep that chin up everyone.

02 June 2009


So I've come to the conclusion that I am left footed. When I first learned how to snowboard/skate, I realized I was goofy footed. This means I'm most comfy with my right foot in front while the left is in the back. This apparently is not how most people do such things. The opposite of which seems so backwards to me, but there you go. Pushing with the left and guiding with the right seems how a right handed person should conduct such business, right?


So I have seen in riding my bike all around, I noticed people stop & lean to the right and rest their right foot upon the right curb while waiting for the light. Try as I might, that is just simply the anthesis of comfort for me. In some places in our fair biking city (which is about to be even better for biking, but I digress...) the bike lane is on the left, thus the curb is as well. Well my friends, that is heaven for me! Put my left foot down, push off, and voilà! But if I put the right one down and try to push...ay dios mio...no thanks doood!

I believe the ideal for me would be to be able to be comfortable doing either at a moment's notice. Don't get me wrong, I can push off with the right, but it is so unnatural to me that it is just downright uncomfortable, so I rarely do so.

Anyway, just thoughts from the bike lane while my wireless is down at my apartment. Lame, huh?

Sent from my iPhone

just breathe....

i have been having some trouble breathing lately. i mean this in the figurative sense of the word. i took sometime to talk to someone about my trouble breathing, and i got some good insight of what i need to do to breathe.

now, it is time to just breathe already. i can't go back to not breathing cause then i can't sleep or eat. and i like both of those things very much.

so it's time to let things alone, and let the air come in and out slowly.

so i think it's time to go and read a book already. i must return it to its rightful owner asap.

quiero que me quieras

heehee, i know i've posted this before, but this is in reference to the movie rudo y cursi i just talked about....

and in case you didn't know the actual song (not that you need to know it to appreciate the remake...) aquí está...