28 May 2009

things that make you go hmm....

this has certainly been a week of introspection for me. i'm usually introspective on a daily basis, so this is even more so on weeks like these.

so today guanabee had a great question buried in one of its posts, which is awesomely entitled, "tiny fat latinos are taking over america." she was generally saying that we latinoids are taking over the children's population. so take that.

but the question la cindy posed that made me go hmmm was the following:

We also wonder at one point, if any, people stop being Latino. If your relatives came to the United States from a Latin American country five generations ago, are you still Latina? And, along those same lines, at what point can we start considering the United States a Latin American country? Because, oh ho ho, it’ll happen. More and more Latinos will be moving in and having fat babies and soon we’ll no longer have a need for a secret handshake to know who’s Latino and who is just a Guanabee.

indeed. if my family has been in texas since my grandparents, and i don't speak spanish fluently, does that make me a texican still? YES. but, that's a state of mind for me. but what is it about her questions? yeah, it makes me go hmm.

i'm interested in what you guys think. i might update this post to flesh out my initial musings, but i would rather hear from you. and interestingly, no one is commenting on her post. why?

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