24 May 2009

teal mcneal

so it's official. teal is my new favorite color. moving on.

the mama texican just left the sf nest. sad face. but it was great that she was here. she made my lil' cube more personable with some teal candle-sconce thingys. they make a nice headboard.

so she came, we brunched, we shopped, we saw rudo y cursi. i was gonna devote a post to the movie, but i think i'll just say it was funny, and definitely a BRO movie. or maybe i should say it's a GUEY movie. since the mama texmex is fluent in texmexican and not "mexican," even she didn't get all the lil' slang, but from what we gathered, it was pretty accurate boy-speak. made me miss my two musketeers who got sucked down south. one's in the fres-no, and the other's in the the el-lay. together we were the three musketeers. sniff, sniff. can't wait to see them soon.

anyway, here's the trailer.

it's not a movie that strictly follows their themes of serious social commentary, although there is some of that in there. it's mainly a funny and welcome distraction. in other words, a its good way to spend a couple of hours. oh, and i think diego luna is now my crush? was it the hipster 'stache that i make fun of over here? quizas, quizas, quizas...

so then our 2nd day started. i cooked her her belated mother's day breakfast "in bed," and she met meow meow and fatty. then we went to the cal academy of sciences. that was really fun, even if it was really really really really really crowded. we saw most of it, except for the planetarium and the rainforest. we did see the barracudas and anaconda. uuuy, cucui!

then i took her on her mother's day surprise. i was talking to an acquaintance one day and somehow we were talking about the ballet and opera down the street. i was telling him how i wished an opera was going on when the mama texican was gonna be here cause that's her favorite performance of choice. (mine is ballet.) he works at the opera, so he said that they were in rehearsals, and that we could go in if we wanted. um, yes please. so that's what we did. i somehow managed not to tell her what we were doing until 1:59pm yesterday. we were to meet him at 2.

so we went in, went backstage, on stage, up really really high, on the roof and saw an AMAZING view of city hall which made me feel like a tourist. we also saw some part of the rehearsal. all in all an amazing experience.

by then our lil' feeties were hurting a bit, so we went to north beach and sat and had lots of pasta and some wine. then we watched ma vie en rose, y just like that, was time to go to bed.

it was short and sweet, but i was happy to be around my mama texican. love you :-)

and one last shout out to my baboons:


m e l i g r o s a said...

ifeel very happy when the jefa (in its true mexican slang) is around. her and I are total coffee junkies. Im so happy you took your mami to such nice surprises ♥!!

I speak dirty mexican. uber slangish with friends. & was recently reminded when a close friend of mine (we dated many moons ago, and he learned the ins-outs of my spanish) told me he tried to have a conversation with an argentinian friend and she said to him, 'you speak so mexican..' I thought that was hilarious!!!

anyways. ibetter get off the computer and go check out these cursis. perfect weather for it ;D

the calitexican said...

ssssheck it out homie. that movie is pretty great.

ok, so we're gonna hang out in three, two, one.....