06 May 2009

a lil' link love

hey youuuu guuuuuuys...

check out the new blog put together by the awesomeness that is meligrosa and busbozo. i know my life has been changed by riding a bike. how has yours?

i'll write a lil' something about my reasons. i have an intensely personal reason for loving the bikes so much, and there's nothing wrong with sharing that. right? i believe i've spread that reason among others all throughout this here blog. i'll have to revisit those posts and do a lil finessing. a cut here, a tuck there, then add extra padding with lots of love.

but right now it's time for me to get back to getting back into the swing of things. i'll write something soon though.



Adrienne Johnson said...

Baby, we want your calitexican story!! In spades : )))

the calitexican said...

oh, i just sent you something. and...well, it's not short! sorry!