26 May 2009

how dreadful.

ugh. i don't even know where to begin discussing how i feel about the prop 8 decision. so i will be brief. disappointed, distracted, angry, sad, outraged, deflated. i think i'll join the protesters in a bit.

on the other hand....sotomayor! wow, what a great great day for potential diversity on the supreme court. i was listening to the radio this morning and they discussed how if she makes it on to the court, that she and scalia will have great debates. those could be fun to hear.

what a great role model for people in her bronx neighborhoods. i confess i don't know much about her, but from what i hear, wow. good for her and good for our country. :-)

but bad day for california. ugh. i haven't read the opinion yet, but i will. my friend just told me, "i can't really argue with their legal logic." she's probably the smartest person i have the privilege to know, so that defintely makes me go, hmmm....

but first things first.

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