20 May 2009

bump goes the weasel.

i have no idea why i thought of that post title, except that my ride today was a little bumpy.

have been bombarded with applying to things, so my work here has been cut a little short. very unfortunate.

btw, "lil'" is the word of the day.

can't wait to see the mama texican. she's coming to SF tomorrow. yay! everyone needs to be around their mommy now and then.

last week was bike to work week, thus signifying it's been a year that i've been a SFBC member. this year i bartered for membership. this means i've been volunteering my lil' heart out. i've done bike parking at 3 events in the past two weeks. i also was an office volunteer where meli snapped this foto of me:

foto by meligrosa

and then i got stuck in the elevator with all those boxes.

for some reason, unbeknownst to my conscious brain, i didn't take a panda foto that day. i mean, it would have been a great day to do it, i wanted to, and i didn't. yup, i'm weirdo.

good thing about clothes is that you can washwash and try again.

the boo is leaving for 2 weeks, and that will be sad, but whatcha gonna do? he's going to the muthalandia to do some last name searching. he's going with his parents to make it all official that he turned old recently. i guess i went to the other muthalandia with my mom not too long ago, and that was really fun. you 'member, right mama?

so, what else? oh yes, la stiffany was in town and we had fun. she may start riding a bike in the suburbs of LA. that would be great! if not, walking around here was fun too. and laying down in dolores park. and eating. and drinking. fun...

went on a little road trip with the boo as he ran errands for his trip. the weather got to about 90 around these parts. no joke. so it was off to the beach and 50ish degree waters. ooooh, that was cold! i also saw surfers catching some pretty gnarly waves, man. ok, i didn't cause there weren't any gnarly waves. but every time i saw a sufer try for one, i would say that. cause i'm 5.

it's yet another beautiful day here in norcal. sun shining and cool breeze. perfect day for a bike ride. speaking of, there's a ride of silence tonight that i don't think i'll be able to make, but you should go out if you have the chance. meet up at justin herman plaza at 6:30, ride is at 7. last year our local bar lost our fav bike messenger. his girlfriend was pretty devastated, and it's nice to see her smiling again. according to the in memoriam list, it happened a year ago tomorrow. R.I.P. buddy.

ride on, ride strong, ride safe.

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