28 May 2009

things that make you go hmm....

this has certainly been a week of introspection for me. i'm usually introspective on a daily basis, so this is even more so on weeks like these.

so today guanabee had a great question buried in one of its posts, which is awesomely entitled, "tiny fat latinos are taking over america." she was generally saying that we latinoids are taking over the children's population. so take that.

but the question la cindy posed that made me go hmmm was the following:

We also wonder at one point, if any, people stop being Latino. If your relatives came to the United States from a Latin American country five generations ago, are you still Latina? And, along those same lines, at what point can we start considering the United States a Latin American country? Because, oh ho ho, it’ll happen. More and more Latinos will be moving in and having fat babies and soon we’ll no longer have a need for a secret handshake to know who’s Latino and who is just a Guanabee.

indeed. if my family has been in texas since my grandparents, and i don't speak spanish fluently, does that make me a texican still? YES. but, that's a state of mind for me. but what is it about her questions? yeah, it makes me go hmm.

i'm interested in what you guys think. i might update this post to flesh out my initial musings, but i would rather hear from you. and interestingly, no one is commenting on her post. why?

27 May 2009

crimson and clover

ahh! i cannot get this song out of my head. i dug it out of the iphone when the boo and i were crusing up from pacifica. the lyrics are so great, and so few.

ah, i don't hardly know her
but i think i could love her
crimson and clover

Ah when she comes walking over
Now I've been waitin' to show her
Crimson and clover over and over

Yeah, my, my such a sweet thing
I wanna do everything
What a beautiful feeling
Crimson and clover over and over

Crimson and clover over and over
Crimson and clover over and over

26 May 2009

how dreadful.

ugh. i don't even know where to begin discussing how i feel about the prop 8 decision. so i will be brief. disappointed, distracted, angry, sad, outraged, deflated. i think i'll join the protesters in a bit.

on the other hand....sotomayor! wow, what a great great day for potential diversity on the supreme court. i was listening to the radio this morning and they discussed how if she makes it on to the court, that she and scalia will have great debates. those could be fun to hear.

what a great role model for people in her bronx neighborhoods. i confess i don't know much about her, but from what i hear, wow. good for her and good for our country. :-)

but bad day for california. ugh. i haven't read the opinion yet, but i will. my friend just told me, "i can't really argue with their legal logic." she's probably the smartest person i have the privilege to know, so that defintely makes me go, hmmm....

but first things first.

24 May 2009

teal mcneal

so it's official. teal is my new favorite color. moving on.

the mama texican just left the sf nest. sad face. but it was great that she was here. she made my lil' cube more personable with some teal candle-sconce thingys. they make a nice headboard.

so she came, we brunched, we shopped, we saw rudo y cursi. i was gonna devote a post to the movie, but i think i'll just say it was funny, and definitely a BRO movie. or maybe i should say it's a GUEY movie. since the mama texmex is fluent in texmexican and not "mexican," even she didn't get all the lil' slang, but from what we gathered, it was pretty accurate boy-speak. made me miss my two musketeers who got sucked down south. one's in the fres-no, and the other's in the the el-lay. together we were the three musketeers. sniff, sniff. can't wait to see them soon.

anyway, here's the trailer.

it's not a movie that strictly follows their themes of serious social commentary, although there is some of that in there. it's mainly a funny and welcome distraction. in other words, a its good way to spend a couple of hours. oh, and i think diego luna is now my crush? was it the hipster 'stache that i make fun of over here? quizas, quizas, quizas...

so then our 2nd day started. i cooked her her belated mother's day breakfast "in bed," and she met meow meow and fatty. then we went to the cal academy of sciences. that was really fun, even if it was really really really really really crowded. we saw most of it, except for the planetarium and the rainforest. we did see the barracudas and anaconda. uuuy, cucui!

then i took her on her mother's day surprise. i was talking to an acquaintance one day and somehow we were talking about the ballet and opera down the street. i was telling him how i wished an opera was going on when the mama texican was gonna be here cause that's her favorite performance of choice. (mine is ballet.) he works at the opera, so he said that they were in rehearsals, and that we could go in if we wanted. um, yes please. so that's what we did. i somehow managed not to tell her what we were doing until 1:59pm yesterday. we were to meet him at 2.

so we went in, went backstage, on stage, up really really high, on the roof and saw an AMAZING view of city hall which made me feel like a tourist. we also saw some part of the rehearsal. all in all an amazing experience.

by then our lil' feeties were hurting a bit, so we went to north beach and sat and had lots of pasta and some wine. then we watched ma vie en rose, y just like that, was time to go to bed.

it was short and sweet, but i was happy to be around my mama texican. love you :-)

and one last shout out to my baboons:

20 May 2009

bump goes the weasel.

i have no idea why i thought of that post title, except that my ride today was a little bumpy.

have been bombarded with applying to things, so my work here has been cut a little short. very unfortunate.

btw, "lil'" is the word of the day.

can't wait to see the mama texican. she's coming to SF tomorrow. yay! everyone needs to be around their mommy now and then.

last week was bike to work week, thus signifying it's been a year that i've been a SFBC member. this year i bartered for membership. this means i've been volunteering my lil' heart out. i've done bike parking at 3 events in the past two weeks. i also was an office volunteer where meli snapped this foto of me:

foto by meligrosa

and then i got stuck in the elevator with all those boxes.

for some reason, unbeknownst to my conscious brain, i didn't take a panda foto that day. i mean, it would have been a great day to do it, i wanted to, and i didn't. yup, i'm weirdo.

good thing about clothes is that you can washwash and try again.

the boo is leaving for 2 weeks, and that will be sad, but whatcha gonna do? he's going to the muthalandia to do some last name searching. he's going with his parents to make it all official that he turned old recently. i guess i went to the other muthalandia with my mom not too long ago, and that was really fun. you 'member, right mama?

so, what else? oh yes, la stiffany was in town and we had fun. she may start riding a bike in the suburbs of LA. that would be great! if not, walking around here was fun too. and laying down in dolores park. and eating. and drinking. fun...

went on a little road trip with the boo as he ran errands for his trip. the weather got to about 90 around these parts. no joke. so it was off to the beach and 50ish degree waters. ooooh, that was cold! i also saw surfers catching some pretty gnarly waves, man. ok, i didn't cause there weren't any gnarly waves. but every time i saw a sufer try for one, i would say that. cause i'm 5.

it's yet another beautiful day here in norcal. sun shining and cool breeze. perfect day for a bike ride. speaking of, there's a ride of silence tonight that i don't think i'll be able to make, but you should go out if you have the chance. meet up at justin herman plaza at 6:30, ride is at 7. last year our local bar lost our fav bike messenger. his girlfriend was pretty devastated, and it's nice to see her smiling again. according to the in memoriam list, it happened a year ago tomorrow. R.I.P. buddy.

ride on, ride strong, ride safe.

06 May 2009

a lil' link love

hey youuuu guuuuuuys...

check out the new blog put together by the awesomeness that is meligrosa and busbozo. i know my life has been changed by riding a bike. how has yours?

i'll write a lil' something about my reasons. i have an intensely personal reason for loving the bikes so much, and there's nothing wrong with sharing that. right? i believe i've spread that reason among others all throughout this here blog. i'll have to revisit those posts and do a lil finessing. a cut here, a tuck there, then add extra padding with lots of love.

but right now it's time for me to get back to getting back into the swing of things. i'll write something soon though.



what a word. i don't even know where to begin with what i want to say about the topic, but it's something i've been thinking about a lot lately.

i guess i'll start with this: san francisco is a small town that shares attributes of a big city. i lived in nyc for 8 years. 4 in manhattan, 4 in brooklyn. i loved living in that city, and i still think that brooklyn has my heart (sorry sf!). i loved how big nyc was, constantly finding new things, discovering new routes, visiting a museum repeatedly only to find new rooms with art from across the world, the zen garden, star wars fights in small gallery windows, whatever.

i liked the anonymity of living in that city. i liked that people didn't know who i was, and i made no effort to try to establish an identity. but i did like that i could escape from manhattan when i lived in brooklyn. manhattan's neuroses felt suffocating when not in school or at work. brooklyn was more my speed. i liked how familiar everything was. riding my bike through prospect park with my all girl bike gang, riding with the SO to park slope, coney island, and yes, even up to billyburg (ew). going anywhere and everywhere that wasn't manhattan. so the parameters of a community were beginning to be sketched out in my head, but i still had something to do. law school? there i went. 3000+ miles and a world away from the right coast.

and that was in my twenties. which i guess is the decade for discovery and all that business.

so when i first moved to the yay area, i hated that it felt so small. i hated that i kept bumping into the same people, having the same small talk, whatever. i was consumed with school, and when i left school, i just wanted to forget about school and work, and discover new things. i felt suffocated and kind of like a bucking bronco needing to get this damn person off my back.

at school i discovered a community. it wasn't the first time, and certainly not the last i will do such things. but school is a bubble, and we all have one collective goal: graduation. how we get there is the process that enables a quick foundation of community. you join a student group or a club based on your ideologies or ethnicity or a journal or you don't. you spend lots of time with these people because you have to, not necessarily because you would normally choose to be with these people. kinda like the working world. anyway, forced community is one thing, trying to find your own is another.

i don't know really what i'm trying to say. i guess i just feel like san francisco is growing on me. i don't mind that there's not as many restaurants to discover as in manhattan/brooklyn, that there are the same people who go to the same places and you even see those people in different neighborhoods. i don't mind it anymore now that i have come to realize that my family is far away and that while i miss them, i need to make a home away from tejas if i'm to feel comfortable wherever i live.

it took a few years, but with bici and the weather, i'm starting to find a community on my terms, and i like it.

so i guess this is me formally acknowledging that i finally like living in sf. this city is growing on me. i don't feel so much like the wild horse being tamed. i'm getting older and beginning to accept living in the present. now on to the next thing...