06 April 2009

this is how full feels

great. i don't mean stomach full, but heart full of friendship and love.

this weekend was great. gorgeous picture perfect blue california skies. i think i may have described how the blue skies in texas and the blue skies in california are different. if not, i often do to people i'm around if we are standing under a clear sky. in texas they are a lighter blue, kind of like this:

texas skies are a pretty pale blue which stretch as far as the eye can see

in califas, it looks more like a robin's egg blue, or like this:

california skies have a richness of their own which must be from its proximity to water and a hint of gray

it's actually pretty hard to choose the color of a norcal sky, but that was the best one i could think of before i got kinda overwhelmed with choices.

so, i rode to the tenderloin and celebrated cambodian new year with the peeps. there was a traditional blessing dance where she finshed by spreading the rose petals all over the rug. there was another traditional dance performed by 3 tweens. they were adorably embarassed. and then the traditional cambodian breakdancers came out from oakland and danced too. they were so hardcore they didn't even have cardboard, son. they actually danced on the rug below, to which i must give them mad props. ok, i'll stop. but really, they did dance on the asphalt, and it was H-O-T (temperature wise, not dancing wise).

then we walked to the yes valley. we decided to have a cupcake taste test:

then it was off to a bday party for lady b in the mission. i brought along a mini carrot cake from miette, the official fan favorite from our taste test. citizen cake was second, but out of the 5 cupcakes, they had the 2nd best one with the pineapple upside down cupcake. the winner was the gingerbread cupcake with cream cheese frosting (and a lil flower...que cute!)

she anointed each of the partygoers with a fabulous hello kitty sticker. each one was carefully chosen to reflect the personality of each guest:

lady b's main (and only) squeeze made some micheladas. or for those with accents like mine: "michelle aides." look at the red goodness being bestowed upon me. no, i hadn't had anything to drink yet either. and yes, mom, i only had one. but, i might have had more beer as the night progressed. a lady never speaks about such things. especially when she currently has no bangs.

michelada fotos taken by alfredo ramirez

then i went off in the middle of the party to collect the boo, grab a quick bite, and continue drinking the best micheladas ever (ok, that i've ever had). but my boo, in his last weekend of a particular decade, pulled a muscle in his butt while walking to dinner. no joke. he actually must have pulled it before, but it cramped up during dinner and continued to hurt him through palm sunday mass. then i guess our prayers worked cause it didn't hurt him the rest of the day. yes, we went to church. no, it didn't burn down when we walked in.

so i had to carry the boo, el macho, home. i was bearing quite a bit of his weight while we, or rather, I, stumbled upon this...quite possibly the best sign/flyer ever.

i have no idea who these barrio libre people are, but they seem to have a great sense of humor combined with a sense of respecting one's neighborhood. and that is all one can really want from one's community, no?

well, looks like the rain will once again be spreading it's glorious chilly cheer in my part of the world tomorrow. as such, the bike may be put away for a bit. oh, and i also cleaned up mixte, but i didn't take pics of it. i forgotted. i did get a lot of feedback from cleaning it out on the sidewalk though. i figured, when in the mission, do as they do. i can't imagine pulling that in my hood. boooooring! this is when i wish i had a back yard to do projects in. i miss my projects.

the CT hopes you all had a great weekend! and please, just a reminder. no pooping on the sidewalk!! thank you and good night.


Dottie said...

Love the cupcake pictures!!

the calitexican said...

thanks! we had fun eating them too. it was worth it, even with the sugar crash we all had soon thereafter.