23 April 2009

things i saw today...

(please note the following list is not a complete list of the things i spied today with my eyes.)

1. gary fisher (the person, not the bike). perhaps a look-a-like, but i'm pretty sure it was him. and two blocks from my apartment. swooooon.

2. etched in a formerly wet concrete block of sidewalk: "david loves linda" i immediately wondered if this was still true.

3. a man pretending to leave his two cute white terriers in a park because they didn't stop playing when he wanted to leave. he walked away, verrrrry slowly. the kiddos went a lil nuts and found him "hiding" in the indention of a door. one of the doggies reached up with his front paws s/he was so excited to see him. in fact, they were so happy to see him...well, the whole scene was a little too precious for words. i actually stopped and turned around to watch it with a big fat smile on my face. cesar milan would have been proud at the person who was clearly the "pack leader."

4. a clear california sky.

5. IMs from my mom and it made me smile cause i miss her.

6. only two front baskets on bikes. whahuhwha?

7. this:

8. this:

9. and finally this:

and this, my friends, is why i have to take myself out on walks or on bici. i felt like i was going crazy being cooped up inside, and then i saw the green grass, gray concrete, blue sky, took in a deep breath and felt kinda human again.

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