02 April 2009

technology passes me by...

so a few years and a relationship ago, i was seeing an artist of sorts. i fell very hard for this person, and we spent nearly 90 days together in a row. during those 90 days we created a lot of things, mainly pictures, music, some food and lots of laughs. i wanted to make an animated gif from a series of hairstyle pics i took of him. and then i realized i didn't have the tools to make it.

i found a post discussing animated gifs as an art form for the masses and it triggered my memory of wanting to make the image i had in my head, but without access to the right tools. i find myself in a similar predicament in something else i want to create right now (although i'm very close to finishing it anyway). the post discussed the class issues raised in the myspace v. facebook faceoff. i found this all very interesting, even if i felt like a snob upon remembering which side of the war i'm on. you should read the post rather than having me co-opt his words, but i found him continuing a discussion that i thought about in college as an art history major and now again as a sometime artist without certain tools, but the ingenuity to make and create anyway.

so instead of creating animiated gifs, the ensuing heartbreaking end to those 90ish days resulted in my making videos. and i have a few ideas for new ones, but just need the tools to complete them. perhaps i will make shorter ones.

so in re-googling the animated gifs query, i found a free site then i made the gif i wanted to make during those 90 days. and hell no i'm not gonna keep it. i made what was in my head all those days ago. and now, ya, se acabo as they say. now i can move on and make a new gif now that i know where to look.

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