04 April 2009

stalk u

in the immortal words of los abandoned's "stalk u":

"i didn't, i didn't, i didn't mean to stalk u."

but sometimes the internets makes it so easy that it was actually accidental! no, really, it was. why would i look for that? i save that stuff for actual stalkers.

but whatever. i guess it happens, and someone last night gave me "permission" to look. so this morning i did. and i felt strange, my guts sort of twisted (ok, they really twisted), but very soon thereafter they returned to normal at the thoughts of my day and the people i'll be spending it with. i agree i am in a better place with them in my life. i am sure the same goes for you.

i'm glad to see you look happy. there's nothing else i wanted for you. it wasn't me, and you weren't for me either. but all i wanted was for us to be happy. and i am happier these days. took a looooong fucking time to get here, but i am here & i have no intention on going back to that really dark place i was in before. and i'll be complete in a few years i believe. i still have some stuff to get done.

and that is all i have to say about that.

just an aside as my newly acquired wound hurts, my bike fell and scraped my lower leg just above my foot. ouch. and i got another nick on my ankle from my pedals walking around. on the same leg. i just need to anoint my achilles tendon and then the left side of my ankle and i'll be done torturing that leg! wanna see? thought not...here it is anyway.

ok, now off to make asparagus omelettes con papas, celebrate cambodian new year, fixing front brakes on bikes (yikes...), followed by micheladas at mexican/puerto rican bday parties with the tooooona. yes! and i really should have done laundry last night. oops.


m e l i g r o s a said...

vanuys is muy nice but is not paradise I listened to that album juro que 3 months straight. so cheerful. I was sad to see them split, but at least got to see them at the GreatAmerican sometime ago <3

cuidate la patita! so we can go ride soon si?!

the calitexican said...

adm! i was at that show... i saw them a few times, and i was so happy to see them live before they split up. i first noticed them as the opening band for julieta venegas at the fillmore a couple of years ago. that was a GREAT show.

now i'm alllll about pilar's solo stuff. she's so great it makes me melt.

sisisi, i'm all about the riding! especially after someone thought i was pregnant this weekend. ew, how rude. ;)

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