17 April 2009

sanctuary city

sanctuary city
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what do you think? is san francisco a sanctuary city for the rich? does the placement of this stencil become ironic in that it was taken on 18th street between valencia & mission (aka in the middle of creeping gentrification from valencia towards mission's not so invisible line through the neighborhood) or make it right on point?

what about the fact that SF was a "sanctuary city" for immigrants (regardless of status), which was apparently merely tolerated by city residents until the uproar over the tragic murder of a family of three in 2008?

does this stencil mean that the rich are provided a haven for city services during "in this economy?" or that the rich come here to wait the recession out? or something else entirely?

does it matter who put the stencil down in the first place at all if it sparks discussion? and if it's just discussion, is anything going to be done about it, whatever IT is, or do we just talk about it until we're blue in the face?

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