15 April 2009

recovery time

i just may have mentioned on this here blog that i have been known to get really debbie downer. last night was no exception. i slept way more than i needed to, and i could sense the downerness enveloping me and dragging me down to a depth that doesn't need to be explored. so, i decided to get up and get out of the house.

i really wanted to hop on bici and ride, but the winds last night were in the 40 mph range. um, no thank you. oh, and in case you are not familiar with being a debbie downer ("DD"), DD makes you create great excuses in your head of why staying in bed all day is a good thing, or why not being on a bike in windy weather is good. although, today in retrospect, i would say not riding wasn't the worst idea.

i am glad in my DD state i was able to even just get out of my room, much less my apartment to walk around. in the days before i rode less than i do now, i would tell people i was like a dog and had to take myself out for walks, otherwise i would get cranky. i believe that was a leftover from my nyc days, cause walking is truly a way of life there. now i have to ride or else i get cranky.

so in walking around, i decided to give myself a little goal to distract myself from being a DD. my lil' goal was inspired by my friend's bike, ethel. she probably used to be a 10-speed back in the day, but she was his first fixie conversion project. notice the front (6 pack getting?) basket. ever since seeing ethel with her new accessory, i have started noticing a lot of fixies with baskets. this is more in the mission where the boo, el macho, lives. i live in another neighborhood, but one where bikes are still very popular.

so my goal was to see how many fixies i could see that had baskets as i walked around my neighborhood: 1 (walking uphill on page. thanks god i'm not the only one, but then again i don't have a fixie, so what's my excuse?)

number of bikes with baskets: 3
  • of those, number of bikes with back baskets: 1
number of bikes with front racks: 2
number of bikes total: approx 25

i think when i walk around from now on, i'll take some more notes. and the fixie basket riders tend to be males i've noticed. many of their bikes have histories similar to ethel's i would gather.

i like my new experiment. and i like that i don't have to tell the boo that i'm not checking out boys on bikes. but we've walked around enough that he knows i'm looking at bikes like teenage boys look at girls.

when i got home, i did still feel DD, but obviously not as much had i just spent all that time at home. i made a "mixtape" for a friend, punchy, who likes julieta venegas. we snuck in to see her at the warfield. ever since then he's been bugging me to share her music. and the new yeah yeah yeahs. the YYYs are growing up. you can tell. it's cute. i do like the album, and nice to know they are growing up from art star to zero. i love art star, but then again that was about 7 yrs ago? wow, am i dating myself...if i am that's ok. because my recovery time from DD was pretty good this time around. it's a new day.

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