22 April 2009

shiny happy people

getting red...

hellllo. people have been going nutty here in sf, and i am no exception. why? it's because of this "heat wave." when the temp gets about 70, people here take off their clothes, walk around, lay in the sun, etc. and then the redness sets in and ouch. but only it's been about in the 80s. and for some reason, when things get hot here in this city, they seem to be 10 degrees hotter than it is.

so i have been on the bici. going up to crissy fields twice, along the embarcadero and probably again today. i laid in parks across the city, cartwheels in soccer fields, watching fat kids push each other around, drank tecates with the boo outside. i got blisters on mis patas ("feet" for you non spanglish speakers), from wearing sandals that don't see much outside time. saw a ymca female presidio league basketball game.

and i haven't seen so many bare nalgas walking around in thongs since, well, since easter. so i guess it wasn't that long ago.

mira. que linda this city...

and just like that, tomorrow it's back to normal. back to the fog? i dunno. but it's been great while it lasted.


m e l i g r o s a said...

nice REM reference. love their early stuff. yes talk about nalgas, went to a tiny beach and saw plenty y mas...

happy spring♥!!
(and so happy my lovely fog is back!) xo.m

the calitexican said...

oops, i had to change the title cause i get a lil backwards sometimes! ok, a lot of the time.

yessss, the foggy fog is back. chilly, but that's ok, my shoulders are red & kinda hurt, i have a glasses tan on my nose, ring tans on my fingers, and yet i'm happy for it to be cooler again. :)

oh, and there's an actual pic of the very exact same nalgas i was thinking of when i wrote about it! this dude got around:

happyhappyhappy spring!