14 April 2009

easter weekend

wow. what a weekend. it started out with the mission tour bike ride. meligrosa has a great recap complete with loads of pics. there were so many people, it kind of felt like a mini critical mass whenever we rode around. the dubster and i got a bite to eat after the tour, then i was off to find a bike part. went to 3 bike stores before i found what i needed. thanks box dog! you guys definitely rock.

then it was off to become a girl and meet the boo. we went to a restaurant along the embarcadero and had a great seat. very romantic. then we got a bottle of champagne and walked up to coit tower. that walk did wonders for my arse, so it's good for biking. especially in heels. oy vey!

the boo had to meet his family in the south yay, so i went to meet with my hastings boys crew. in case you are not from here, every year in dolores park on easter, there's a hunky jesus contest hosted by the sisters of perpetual indulgence. ay. dios. mio. i saw lots of assless chaps, lots of partially covered cheecks, and just a lot of people out, about and just being happy. it was a GORGEOUS day. not cold, not windy, just a perfect spring day.

one member of the crew, punchy, lives one block away from the park. and we had a sidewalk bbq. lots of foot traffic, tons of people watching. so we sat and drank. and drank and drank. and drank. ay. we managed to fit in a game of scrabble, of which i, with the help of the dubster my partner in scrabble winning, won. scrabble brings out the funny side of people. especially during challenges. oh, and also a game of speed. not methamphetamine, but rather a card game i played a lot growing up. that was fun and brought back memories.

after scrabble, duby made out with ruby.

ruby is the cutest dog ever! very friendly, and a good addition to the block.

ct is over and out. take care guys, after all, christ is risen! happy easter.

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