01 April 2009

book clubs

i'm in a varying amount of book clubs.

the first book we read and didn't discuss was white tiger. at first i wasn't sure if i'd like it, but i did. it seemed very appropriate to be reading it around the time slumdog millionaire came out. it was a pure coincidence, i assure you. and that's all i have to say about that. perhaps later i'll devote a post to discussing the book. no promises though.

next up for this particular book club is: the end of vandalism by tom drury. we all have the book courtesy of green apple books, home of the extinct species known as the independent bookstore. no excuses. we can do it team!

my other book club is a norcal/socal one. we're gonna read don quixote. i can't believe i've never read it, and neither can the other book club member. so we're gonna put a stop to it now!

with my other book club, it's also knitting club. we have yet to decide on a book, but i think this one will be exciting. just cause i like knitting and i haven't been in a knitting circle in a long time. i miss those things. i remember in brooklyn i joined a stitch & bitch circle that met in bars. the idea sounds like fun, but the lighting and the mental capacity both leave something to be desired during the happy hour hours. they were fun though! for those circles i would bring something super simple that didn't require too much brain power. although when i would get home, i would inspect my handiwork and always noticed that i dropped some stitches. then some repair work would inevitably ensue.

oh, and i'm also reading watchmen. it's good! perhaps i should suggest a graphic novel for the next book club installment ;)


grlprpl19 said...

i'm on page 50 i think. so far so good. i hope you haven't started it yet. i'll have to get like, a 10 mile head start.

the calitexican said...

:) i'll give you time. besides, we have a month to read it, right?