11 April 2009

birth days

today is my boo's, el macho, birthday. he's turning over another decade in the speedometer of life. needless to say, i'm a big fan of his, so i can't wait to hang out with him later and celebrate. we're going to a pretty restaurant along the embarcadero. he loves sitting by the water on birthdays, so this is certainly no exception. our first restaurant of choice was too cool for school, and said no thank you, we're already full on saturday, so we decided on this one. we are certainly not settling.

but first things first. a bike ride! this time, there's a theme. the sfbc is hosting a cultural bike ride of the mission. here's the description:

Where was the city's first amusement park located? What street did the railroad run down? Which park sits upon a disinterred Jewish Cemetery? These questions and so many more will be answered on the Mission's Secret History Bike Tour.

i don't know if they will talk about the best taco, or when the irish came to settle, but it'll be fun. outside my window it looks clear, i hear birds chirping, and only minimal cars. perhaps people are out of town to celebrate easter? hmm. either way today is looking like i won't have to use my AK. which is such a relief these days. it's just really heavy to put in my bike basket.

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