03 April 2009

bicycles is marketing genius!

so the boo came over to my place the other night. and we watched some cable tv. i remarked that there were a lot of bicycles in commercials lately. and he said he read somewhere that it is an actual marketing push.

i've seen an allergy commercial, a commercial for a hospital advising healthy living, a soda commercial, and the one we saw that i talked through. i don't remember what it was for, but it had green animated bikes.

this marketing push is interesting to me. i'll have more to say about it when i see a few more commercials. i promise.


Dottie said...

I've noticed this, too. Generally, I love it! But I hate the one with the tandem and the girl who has armpit hair so long that it's hitting the guy riding behind her. Come on - if a woman did not shave her pits, the hair would grow no longer than a man's pits, which is not long at all. Anyway, slightly off-topic :)

the calitexican said...

haha, i haven't seen that commercial. having gone to an all girl's undergrad, i'm verrrry familiar with the female pit hair. i think it just goes with the territory. and i agree with you too. it's not long at all!

perhaps the ad was trying to reflect a french aesthetic? sounds like a frenchie fail! :)