08 April 2009


sooooo pretty, what a buena vista indeed. (except for the decals...sorry guys, i'm not a fan of that sun...)

and here's a rivendell mixte from a great chica blog. i have to say it's gorgeous. just missing the double down tube...in my verrry humble opinion. nevertheless, it is truly envy inducing. i love the heart lugs! i also like the way the twine and the cork look together. and the tan colors matched with the honey brooks seat AND the bell, well, it's an aesthetic beauty. very feminine, and as one of the commenters said, it's almost too pretty to ride!

my love for the mixte endures. i'm glad to see more of them around with these new frames on the soma, rivendell, velo orange and masi versions. i'm not sure if there are more new frames being made, but that's for sure a good start. the masi is the most reasonable of the newer versions. but if a bike is your main mode of transport, the other ones are still cheaper than a car.

i think mixte are great city bikes for anyone, not just us shorties. you don't have to mount the horse (that's how i feel when i swing my leg behind the seat to mount a bike). it can be a true city workhorse (workbike?) when adorned with front and back baskets. and then the skirt wearing possibilities?! endless. for men or women, or for 1/2 dudes like me :)


Dottie said...

Yes, sharing the mixte love! I looked at all of the mixtes you mention when deciding which bike to buy. That pretty much covers the selection of new steel mixtes on the US market, unfortunately. But it's a great bunch. Another great bike, even though it's step-through instead of Mixte, is the ANT Boston Roadster - about the same price as the Riv and Soma and less than the Velo Orange.

the calitexican said...

i have seen the ANT boston roadster, and yes, it's a gorgeous machine! can't wait to hear how you and betty get along!