01 March 2009

two masses

both within three days...

and both religious and massive in a sense...

first mass:
on ash wednesday, the day after this calitexican turned over another number on the odometer of life, she attended mass. i have done this pretty much the whole time i've been a calitexican... it's comforting, i like the bilingual mass, and i'm looking for something anyway.

when i got to mass, i noticed they had these little black lenten books. they are for daily meditation on the daily gospel. i figured i could take 6 minutes a day and read it, contemplate, learn, etc. this calitexican hasn't quite gotten into the habit of taking the lenten gospel around with me, but i think i'm getting the hang of it now.

second mass:
and then two fridays ago, a friend of mine asked me if i would do critical mass. considering i looooove riding my bike, i am a little surprised i've never participated in it before! i have heard about it since i was about 1/2 the age i am now, buuuuut, just never have. was in texas and then in nyc....and we all heard about nyc and how they don't like critical massers.

in fact, i've actually gone out of my way not to associate with critical mass before in this city. but.... as i'm always looking for new people to ride with, duby's new to the city, we have friend crushes on each other, so i figured, "hey, why the hell not?"

so we went. and immediately we were befriended by a fellow blogger on a tandem. i can't remember who i was talking about tandems with, but i do believe it was more than one person. anyway, it was a perfect talking point cause i was really interested in it. it looked like a bunch of fun. i think i need to rent one with the boo...just to get him off his arse and onto a bike with me!

and it was a bunch of fun. it was better than i thought, and furthermore, i would do it again. going through the broadway tunnel without cars was reason enough for me to try it again. even though i was doing a lot of footpedaling. i felt at times i was on a skateboard. kinda like the actual skateboarder who did critical mass with us. as far as i know, i do believe critical mass is for all forms of "alternative" transporation, so that was pretty cool to ride around with him.

i haven't been too good with the lent. i'm an imperfecting being, just trying to find my way. i think i'll be fine.

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