10 March 2009

to be young, gifted and black

why is donny hathaway so effin awesome? i've been listening to him pretty much since saturday afternoon...

that song name is a good post title for discussing medicine for melancholy, but for some reason i don't feel like discussing it right now. it was a great film, very reminiscent of french new wave, gorgeous colors, great discussions, and a beautifully moving love letter to SF.

i guess i feel i can't do the movie proper justice right now. go and see it already. it's also coming out soon on dvd if you can't see it in a theater. a friend of mine is trying to recruit his awesome office full of incredibly inspiring legal heroes to go. i'll have to ask him if he was successful.

and, i'm happy to report that the audience on saturday night was not representative of SF. meaning of course that it was very diverse, and lots of couples of color. that was refreshing to see, and i drank it all in. the boo and i couldn't stop talking about the movie on our way home.

makes me want to see more french new wave. i have only tangentially dipped into that pool of creativity. i think the liberry would be a great place to start since i foresee that getting 'spensive at the video store. and i can use this as a reference.

speaking of inspiring people, the director, barry jenkins, really impressed me with his Q&A. he was a humble ball of articulate, knowledgeable artistry that can actually speak english. usually i find those people who are super creative have a hard time connecting to reality (see: bjork & matthew barney, erkah badu, m.i.a. for a few references). that has always irritated me about artists, but hey, if that is their chosen method of communication, who am i to say differently? i know i'm not the most articulate in person because i'm constantly editing myself, but if i had to speak how i think, we'd be there all day with all my commas, tangents and whatnot. but jenkins is no less of an artist as the aforementioned, a visonary who is as didactic yet less polarizing than spike lee. one who more than manages to get political discussions started without overt inyrface controversy. and to me, that is exactly THE kind of art that i enjoy unconditionally.

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