25 March 2009

this is what quiet sounds like

outside my window it's usually really loud. i live a block away from a popular bar in a well traveled neighborhood. i usually hear drunk people being loud & doing drunken things when i fall asleep.

now i'm the one that can't sleep. and it's quiet. quiet as i've ever heard the city. no sirens, no cars, no skateboards, no fucking mopeds, no dogs, no planes, no shouting, no talking, no bike bells. no crickets chirping like being homehome, but quiet as i'll get.

it's just stillness outside. rare, and beautiful.

but inside my head the cacophony of sounds, images, worries, upsetting-nesses (i like that made up word), regrets, happy-nesses, lethargy, excited energy, waiting, boredom are all twisting up and clattering around and around like a tornado swirling inside a restaurant supply store.

lately my dreams have been frighteningly vivid with a scary cast of characters. i don't want to fall asleep.

well, i just ate some of my words. outside, there's a skateboarder who can't sleep either. then someone talking loudly about a block away. a small plane overhead (?!). city life...

i just wish i could sleep right now. goodnight.

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