24 March 2009

there are no words

so you may have heard that there was an unfortunate tragedy in oakland this past weekend. a man pulled over for a routine traffic stop ended up killing four officers. the last one was taken off of life support today.

just as the oscar grant travesty was upsetting, so is this story.

and things are unfolding about the man who shot the officers. he may have raped at least 6 people in his neighborhood. one was 12 years old. i couldn't bring myself to read the full article. the info i did see was more than enough.


my question is...what can we learn from someone such as this person? someone who checks out of life with guns blazing, after leaving his mark with raping an underage girl? he seems to have left nothing but destruction and heartbreakingly sick stories for a community already fractured and far from healing. his legacy is so intense, there has to be a purpose...right? if not, then... well, i don't know.

it is mind boggling. it is making me sick to my stomach.

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