05 March 2009

the stars at night

are big and bright...deep in the heart of califas...

tis only too true my friends. as i was walking home on a rather dark street, i wondered why since there were plenty of light posts. i looked down at the sidewalk and noticed how wide the sidewalks were on both sides of the street. enough to widen the street to make a bike lane. then i looked back up the hill i just walked down and wasn't sure if that would be too good an idea...

then i looked up. and usually this time of year the skies are cotton-y cloudy. today i saw the moon and the stars. so gorgeous, and so rare in a city. i should know. i only have that mouth gaping sky experience either on a rare night in a city or in texas driving at night between cities. 

i've been noticing that my knees are hurting again. i think i might try raising my seatpost just a tad. i think my knee crunches a bit too much when i'm riding. i hope that's all it is! i went around to some bike stores to see if i could strike up a conversation about knee pain...and i did. that's what two of them suggested. will give it a try this weekend since i hear the skies are going to remain clear and free of cotton. 

meanwhile i've been coveting more mixte bikes on craigslist. a girl can only dream, right?

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