23 March 2009

so...how's yr girl?

as i mentioned yesterday i was riding bikes around town with my boys, the ess bros. we rode past this one group of people, one chick and two dudes, all on bikes and all blond, saying goodbye to a friend on the sidewalk. the ess bros are also two brown people (albeit of a different part of the world), and i was like, "we just passed bizarro world!!" i guess if it was really bizarro world, it would have been two blond chicks and a dude........but i digress. and yah, it was funny.

so the above title refers to the hip hop group handsome boy modeling school. it is the title of one of their albums. their other album is entitled: white people.

and that's what i really wanted to talk about today.

there was a group of us, three girls and two guys. everyone was white but me cause i live in fucking the whitest city in america sometimes. we were telling jokes. one girl decided to tell: a mexican pregnancy test joke. the other girl i see gets uncomfortable, and my only good friend in the group who was sitting next to the "joke teller," starts to lean in to her to say, oh hey, that girl over there isn't indian from south asia although she looks like it, she's really a texican from texas. or something equally fucking similar to that.

i should mention before that my "friend" was in trial today in oakland and he is going against a very famous company whose products i'm sure have touched your precious fingers. as in if you have ever felt the need to stick two or more things together you 99% most likely used their translucent plasticky thing that is not glue. anyway, this super corporation felt the need to dispatch (seemingly unnecessarily) three attorneys from disparate parts of the nation. one of whom is african american. this trial is in oakland. my first thought was, um, maybe this dude was actually was the best person for the job. of course it was implied that he was sent out for sympathy votes and i offered the opinion that ya know, just cause we're all minorities doesn't mean we're all rooting for each other. in fact, i could definitely see it going the other way where this succesful black man from the midwest is shown up in oakland defending a corporation. i mean, come on! we're not all fucking dense as you would like to believe.

continuing on to the rest of the evening:

she still insists on telling the joke because she heard it from a mexican guy from the gay bar down the street. oh, you know what? that doesn't make it ok for me or give you cultural sensitivity cred in my book. and honestly, a mexican gay boy doesn't really get a pass either being that he most likely will not be getting anyone pregnant.

i asked her to stop, she gives her culturual sensitivity credentials, i again ask her to stop, she again says the joke isn't bad.

at this point i'm thinking, honestly? how many times do i have to ask you to stop? isn't one enough and then we all move on? now it's awkward for not only me, but for everyone else.

i suggest/insist, how about you tell it when i'm not here? and then some outside party (an acquaintance) comes over and whispers loudly in my ear, "i'm with you," as he's leaving. i say "thank you," and things get even more super awkward at that time.

we all move on. and then there are lulls in the convo. the same girl decides to tell an abusive woman's joke, because we all saw her black eye and we all know about the restraining order she filed against that asshole. um, yeah, still not winning points in my book. if anything, you are still losing them...and fast. i don't care if you teach minority kids in the public school system here. if anything that fact makes me wonder a lot of things about you...

for the record, she tried to apologize, but i was still fuming, so i merely nodded at her. if you know me, you know that's one, saying a lot because i actually acknowledged her and two, my emotions are always clearly stamped on my face. my lips were tight, i barely looked at her and had my arms crossed.

i've actually calmed down a lot from that point in the evening about an hour to two ago. i guess after IMing a friend i'm doing better. and that friend happens to agree with me, but she may be biased cause she's brown and she's my friend. and yah, i still think i'm in the right.

so, moral of this evening: cultural insensitivity rules. we are all guilty of it, but damn, can you not drag things out when they were asked multiple times to be let go?! sheeeeeeuut.

and as i was fuming (chola style) while walking home, i saw about 10 people crossing the street in various directions on a quiet street on the top of a big hill. (aka not many people go up there, especially all at one time) i was the only brown one. man, gotta love this fucking city sometimes, huh? is that ironic in a hipster way or....

so, in honor of this post, i'm gonna leave you with not something negative, but rather the cutest picture i've seen all year so far.

in college i was friends with my former best friend (clearly) and we both liked dogs. so much that we would combine an ugly image and the cutest puppy together a lot. it turned into a thing where we would try to outgross one another.

one thing we would say was: that puppy is soooo cute i just want to eat its ear off! and yes, this was one of the mild ones. apparently our desire was instinctual.

mira....que cute!!!!! happy national puppy day!

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