17 March 2009

sabado gigante

so on saturday i helped out with the SF bike peeps and bike valet. i did this at the anarchist bookfair. let me tell you, the anarchists did not disappoint.

there was a rather rigorous shoving match between some college-ish age white maoists and anarchists. the (elderly i might add) anarchists threw out the maoists and, in the spirit of the day, set up shop on the green outside the building. they were across the sidewalk where we were. choice phrase heard during that fight: your stalinism really irritates me!!

so, we were just minding our business, talking about the fight, parking bikes, bike geeking out, drinking tea, when this hooded figure wearing an AK press hoodie walked past us with a 5 gallon bucket. didn't really think anything of it. the maoists had their t-shirts and lit(t)erature set out nicely on a table and on the grass below. the hoodie dude then proceeded to dump 5 gallons of water all over them and their stuff. he then threw the empty bucket on the table, quite dramatically, and it bounced off behind the maoists and rolled kinda unceremoniously on the grass. the hooded guy walked away, proudly, and with a smirk on his face.

the hooded dude was watching the first fight with a big smile on his face, but he was not involved. needless to say, after the water dumping, and a yelling at by another person, the maoists packed up and called it a day.

oh, and the older anarchist from the first fight came over to their wet table and rubbed more salt in the wound. he laughed, said he wasn't sorry they were soaking wet on this cold and windy day. he laughed again, then walked off.

this all happened before noon. i thought this stuff would happen, but not until later in the day once people started drinking. oh...no.

it was rather entertaining i must say. we were rather protected by the halo being shone upon us due to our parking bikes. kidding. but they did leave us alone.

so then i saw a few friends and met up w/ the ess bros. when i was done volunteering and after one bro had bought a EZLN poster, we rode off. we went to the beach again, took a break, then rode back.

the ride back was fun...ok, not really. the elder bro was riding his remodeled schwinn. that frame was a piece of poop cause the younger bro and i had to constantly keep waiting for him to catch up to us. his wheel kept coming off on the bumpy ride back from the beach. that ride is full of potholes and uphill. his poor lil bike couldn't take it anymore and just quit. we got it to work again, but we walked the rest of the crappy road. when the road was better, we gently tested it out and it seemed to work ok.

on a whim we went to a bike store. i know, you are shocked. but, at this point it was less than 30 minutes to closing time. he said he wanted to go to check out the top tube pads. ummhmm. i think he just likes shopping. anyway, we were there after it closed, cause he ended up checking out a frame. even i, the clueless person i am, know of IRO cause they make fixie/singlespeeds for women under 5 foot 3. i belong in that club.

so elder bro justified getting the new frame by his schwinn's poor performance in a mere mile. no matter how crappy the road is, there is no reason for a bike to act like how his did. since his schwinn is nearly out of commission AND it was his first project bike, he can take most of the parts from it (which are nicer than the frame) and transfer it to the new beauty he's gonna be getting in a couple of weeks. wow...it's a really pretty frame.

we were at the bike store so long i ended up test riding a bike that cost more than my rent. but man, i could tell the difference right away from bici to this one. it was the equivalent to driving a responsive cadallac. it was heavy, sturdy, upright...all in all a workhorse. one day perhaps, but not last saturday.

then...as we were going home, the chola came out. she had been hidden for about a year or a year and a half. somewhere in that time frame. this time she was provoked, physically. and it only took a second to set her off.

lord oh lord, i wanted to rip that woman's head off. and i never advocate violence. the thought of retelling that story right now when i'm nice and mellow and about to go to bed doesn't seem like something i should do right now, so i'll save it for my next post. ooh, cliffhangers! i know you like them! :) hahahaha.

good night fellow mellow heads. some wild and crazy this st. paddy's day turned out to be! i had a crazy game of scrabble where i massacred my opponent. she's a geneticist though, so when she figures out the game, i'm sure i'll have a worthy opponent. until then, good night my preciouses.

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