04 March 2009

new music!

well, new to me at least. seems like she's been around for awhile.

so i was surfing around yesterday while it was hailing (!!) outside, reading about how awesome south by southwest is gonna be. yeah, yeah, as if we didn't know. (yeah, i'm a lil jealous i can't be there!)

so i was reading about the latin music showcases i'm gonna miss out on, and i came across natalia lafourcade. ahh! i can't wait to get her music and listen to it. i'm on a mission today to find out such things.

she's from the mutherlandia...DF to be exact. here's her video for her new single, azul. and...there's a cute yellow bici with a banana seat in the video. see if you find it. :)

i also read that david garza has a new album coming out. elle will be happy about that...whenever she comes back to the states that is. :) the last time we saw him play at the continental club he yelled at us for not dancing. sorry dahveed, just wasn't into dancing that night. but there were plenty of other fly honeys there that were more than happy to oblige.

ok, am off to attend to bidness. please keep your fingers crossed my computer is NOT out of commission. that would be a tragedy from which i would never be able to escape. ok, not quite true, but not quite far from the truth too...and, i'm also gonna pick up one of those tv converters. my coupon came in while i was too busy to see straight. now that i'm not as busy, i finally have the time to partake in this forced conversion thanks to the government coupon. socialism rules. jk...or am i?

stay dry! my bici already misses being outside. she'll have to wait a little bit longer.

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