07 March 2009

medicine for melancholy

if there truly is one, i would love to know. in the meantime i'll go with biking, being in love and A-Ds. that triple threat does seem to be holding me above water this past year or so. well, that and the texican. she is always there...(hi mom!)

so tonight boo and i are going to an old favorite, place of our second date. more importantly, we're going to see medicine for melancholy after. there is going to be a Q&A by the director after the showing. nice.

haven't heard of it? here is the synopsis:

A love story of bikes and one-night stands told through two African-American twenty-somethings dealing with issues of class, identity, and the evolving conundrum of being a minority in rapidly gentrifying San Francisco—a city with the smallest proportional black population of any other major American city.

i first heard about this movie on the radio here in our lovely city by the yay. i mean bay.

scroll to 6:30 5:53 and listen to what he says. it's true, i agree. and my boo also accuses me of being overly concerned about race, but the SF thing really bothers me. and slowly, the boo has admitted it bothers him too. but he's from here and he gets defensive. anyway...

well...basically this movie seems to reflect a lot the things i simultaneously love and despise about this city. i love bikes, (white) indie music, i'm veggie, i make lil movies, i am a lil earthy, etc AND whatever. i really hate that i'm one of the few brown people in this city i've found doing these things. i've had many conversations with people i meet for the first time that wonder why i don't fit into this category or that category they have already set me in. the people with the accusatory tones have been both white and latino.

i'm not involved in the indie scene here by choice. and i miss it, but i would rather hang out where i'm accepted. in nyc i was, but i had more of a rainbow coalition along with me. not so much this time. i am finding a few more peeps little by little. and just because you like all of the same things, doesn't necessarily mean you will get along with them. or become friends and then hang out, something more than an acquaintance. so that just makes it that much harder.

same with bikes. i reeeeally like riding bikes and drinking beer. those two things seem to go together i've noticed. on this here blog i've talked about the tour de fat, bike commuting, critical mass, and other events i've seen as being a bike valet with the SFBC. i always notice i'm one of the few latinos, much less one of the few latinas.

this why i was thinking of moving to LA awhile back. i missed the latino art scene, i haven't found too much of one here. in austin and LA there are just more latinos, so there are more scenes for them to create and be a part of. my best buddy down in LA is like me in that sense too. we like indie stuff, art stuff, creating things, rock/pop en espanol, vegetarian cooking, drinking caffeine, list goes on. so when she and i found each other during school, we were stuck together like magnets. part of it was because we were the only two latinos that we knew in this city that were like us. (if one was white, that above list might not seem so "strange," right?) she was born here, went to college here, so if she knew of them, i'm sure we would have all hung out. instead it was just a mosaic of scenes that we stuck to, including doing our own thing, then she went to LA and found the very thing i wish was going on here. and when i go home, i see it everywhere i turn. creative brown people being happy. where are they here?

now people may say, but what about the east bay? i say that's great and all, but i have to bounce it straight back and say what about SF? really? we shouldn't have to move to find a community in the supposedly most progressive city in the U.S. as another buddy of mine says, this city is epitome of "progressive racism." and i would have to agree with him. it's the perfect phrase for this shit problem.

so i can't wait to see what the prototypical black hipster movie character thinks about all of this. as i've wandered throughout this city, i've seen more black hipsters than brown ones perched precariously on fixies at traffic lights, speeding past me in the bike lane, drinking beers at zeitgeist, drinking coffee, doing whatever it is hipsters do, but still the number leaves MUCH to be desired. i would imagine that scene shares a lot of my complaints.

i really can't wait to hear what the director has to say. but most importantly, i can't wait to see who is in the audience at the embarcadero. ;)


m e l i g r o s a said...

no te olvides de mi!

Im not sure why we haven't hung out around more. beers, bikes and caffeine-we speaking the same language here!
Aparte, cosas que nos preocupan por igual. entre tofu, color, fuerza femenina y cadenitas de bici con grasa etc. que se yo.

stay in touch porfas.
desde san pancho/

the calitexican said...

i'm game meli! lessss do this :)

now that the weather seems to be drier, i'll be on bici more. we should meet up and talk pics, bikes, beer, boys, beaches, burritos and other words that start with "B".